posted on July 8, 2010 at 8:47 am

took my beloved and sweet human bunny to the ear nose throat quack
she hasnt been breathing properly for a while
her tonsils n adenoids are huge
and the roof of her mouth is quite arched
so in just under 2 weeks
shes having em removed
i’m kinda nervous but apparently it has to be done
my accountant TOLD me to get some medical insurance but i didnt
n now i gotta pay top $ to get her in n done quickly
and to jump the queue in public hospital system
can you believe its gonna cost 4 grand….sheesh!
we were afraid if we waited the year it would have taken
she would have serious problems with breathing n teeth
she has been quite weary n tired for a while
thats because she cant breathe through her nose
and isnt getting enough rem sleep per night
god i love her to pieces so i hope the op goes alright
and that she can get some decent sleep without snoring
apparently her tonsils n ads are quite enormous
she took it all quite stoically as is her wont
poor bunny…gee shes a good girl
shes working on her book about eddie
a three eyed monster
a strange enchanted kid
gee i hope shes gonna be fine
i love her more than anything
(pic taken by j cain at isidore sessions)

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