posted on February 2, 2007 at 12:22 am

yes blogge fiendss
its the olde killer back here on the prophet margins
riding shotgun on yer shopping trolley
sorting the metaphysical wheat from the chaff
dotting yer eyes and saving you all those nasty commas
well i hate to name drop
but last nites ride to penriff special guest star
was rikki or ricky or whatever permutation he use to spell it..
(why cant everyone be called steve….?)
who of course is the lead rhythm geetar player for the brianjonestown mascara
who actually get mobbed….
that little devil gets me so jealous when he tells me
the bjm get mobbed…?!
why…i aint been mobbed since…
hmmm..lemme see
well once i think i might have been standing in front of simone le blobs chauffeur
and got mobbed accidentally
actually when i come to think of it…
do i really wanna be mobbed…?
its a little like being razzed at school
a whole loada strangers grabbing at ya n kneeing ya in the balls
anyway rikki is in the most bohemian band in the world
they make the church look like the new christy minstrels
and his girlfriend is a yoga teacher
and he lives in san francisco where hippies were invented…
i mean how much more fuckin’ bohemian can a bohemiann get…?
so we drive out to pen-riff way out west
its pretty surreal out here for me
i mean it frightens me a little out here in this farflung satellite
man they never used ta particularly like the church out here way back when
we drive into the ginormous penrith panthers footy club
(do they let mangey panthers in for free tho?)
this place is as big as a small mall
and guess what
the people here are
super super lovely
and although i dont have my tour pass
they happily lead me thru the huge gambling caverns full of pokies
and a lyric comes into my head unbidden
i am a addict
the ice or the dice
theyre both as nice
we finally get to ye olde dressing room
and the others wander off
i try to do yoga in dressing room but the ceiling is low
n theres fluoro lights
n i can hear the drums being soundchecked…
i get a bit of fettucini with mushies n peas
but none of that rancid foul parmesan cheese
we have to smoke spliff in the tiny bathroom in dressy room
rotating to get under the fan that sucks the air outta the room
gee i wonder where the smoke goes after its sucked outta here i ponder
probably straight into the managers office says someone
oh wow i hope so says rikki with a glint in his eye
no no no i say suddenly paranoid that the penrith panthers footy team
will bust down our door n cart me away screaming
anyway no heavies consequently materialise
so we asssume the manager enjoyed his whiff of neils purple heads
the cherch play a good show
the crowd are nice n kind
everything is ok
glenny drives us home safely
while i pontificate on about this n that
the grey-blue falcon purrs back into distant city
we listen to closer by joy div
today is today
cood only manage 10 laps of pool
too much red bull n coke
too much booze plonk n romance
too much
but no more or less
goodbye penriff
if you wanna see me again i may be available
tonite the state theatre again
almost like having a real job
we should have a good one tonite!

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