posted on March 17, 2014 at 9:12 pm
across my desk

across my desk

when the unthinkable happens and the earth flies off its course

we go careening through space taking our bad atmosphere with us

cities spin round on whirling tectonic plates

great criminals escape their madhouses killing every path in their one

the dislocation of the oceans and Miami and Odessa collide

we the lamb-killers pray for mercy but the sky is upside down

we who slaughtered the trees find no shade

we who mined the deep dirt find no hole will swallow us

your bible and your jehovah have remained mute for 2000 years

but you used these stories to justify the killing of things

i am ezekiel now and i predict a torment without end

fear and anxiety and  great upheaval

in my head i saw a vision

a man with a thousand tongues spewing blasphemies

each curse uttered shattering the stars themselves

he strides through this land offering you deceit

come he cries we must make a great war

only through war can mankind be purged

our enemies are endless

their plots are manifold

we must strike and strike and strike

we will bring a civilisation to these brutes

unchain the hyaenas on them

unleash a flood of misery

bring on fire that burns and does not stop

the giants hands rummaged around in buildings

flinging the screaming occupants to the buckling roads

vicious winged lizards filled the air and made vision impossible

no sweet child or lovely thing could be saved

drunk on the underground oil of the nations

the rancid breath of the slaughterhouse clogs earth’s lungs

we shalt have more jails

for all our new prisoners

we shalt have hooks and knives and harpoons

we will probe the inside of the mind and discover new crimes against man

in humanity’s name this jungle shalt die

all its animals will burn

all its secrets will be revealed and dissected

and then the hideous one cast his single bird eye towards me

there was no hiding from its penetrating gaze

and it pulled out all my dreams and memories and cackled in delight

in its mocking scorn and its wicked trespasses

but what did i do ? i whispered as it devoured me

swallowing my life and nullify all hope

what did i do?

and its voice came from very far away

and now it was soft and sad

and it said


you did nothing








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