posted on April 12, 2010 at 9:10 pm

eternal strangest stranger in strangely familiar strange land
forget whatever you thought you knew about texas
texas is green baby
these aint no badlands
texas is lush and green and full of life
not the crazy desperate frantic life of australian nature
but the sedate peace of say a sweden or germany in summer
leafy as all fuck
you want birdies chirping n squirrels running up n down trees
(did i ever tell you all my kids think i resemble a squirrel??)
if you want soft balmy zephyrs
if you want gentle clouds drifting on a sky thats not so blue as australias
an older sky
a sky that seems further away and less revved up
in contrast to austin texas
sydney seems like a place where someone jumped on the colour graph
and intensified brightness contrast and saturation
because sydneys nature is wilder and more colourful
its more primitive too
busting out all over the place
at austin and dallas airports
long beautiful yellow weeds nod in the breezes next to the landing strips
jackrabbits are loping about
seems to be a loada rivers n lakes everywhere
it rains a bit
i remember being in hotel rooms in houston
unbelievable lightning and thunder raining down on the smitten earth
i sit alone as usual in room in 1988
why im sitting at a keyboard writing songs for hex
i got this ensoniq brand sequencer
i bought these little coloured cartridges with sounds on em
i go straight home after gig n i work on music all night long
i got a studio booked in new york at xmas 88
gonna record n finish an album with dt
(who also somehow managed to get loads of pics of herself in my bob lurie biopic)
but wow
yes it really rains here
i wrote that song mercury towers here
the music anyway
i was obsessed with writing these things on that sequencer
building up little interlocking phrases
a record totally ahead of its time
see the movie tarnation in which diviner is used
no one could dig this groovy trip at the time
but it is good
ah yes
and texas surprises me
a seductive place
youd say i couldnt imagine sk living in texas
but i could
what…leafy quiet bohemian enclaves
with all the latest doodahs if youd want em
ok some people are saying
what are you doing there exactly old killer bean
well i met via the net a chap
who is guiding me in net related matters i know little of
a crash course in logic
am recording a brand new song for ye
talk about
which aims to bring you more kilbey with less fuss
a total one stop shot for your quadruple kilbey fix
more behind the scenes than ever EVERYWHERE!
more old stuff rare stuff stuff from the vaults
more poetry more blog more photos more rants more raves
more of whatever you want
whenever you want it
whatever it is
(even more hyperbole!)
so we figuring it out
maximising my puny clout
kicking a gaol
etc etc
i drove his porsche today a little bit
it didnt seem to have that much more poke than tibor really…
until i floored it n it reared up like a black stallion who was being
stabbed with some silver spurs
after that i had more respect cos that frightened me a little
i had vegan chorizo n vegan black beans tostadas
i had a pommy granite n raspberry doodah with vitamin x
now will do some more music
2morro join other donkeys in minneapolis to resume the tour
oh yes that had you forgotten…?
this has been a great relaxing informative healthyish respite
thank you kmcc!
you others see ya tomorrow in min

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