posted on December 12, 2008 at 10:07 pm

people complain n complain
this was this
that wasnt that
i wonder what really happened
people say i’m leaving……
leaving where?
there is nowhere here to leave
its just the words of an old n weary rocker
tattooed on the black sky
my little diary if you please
type type type
self obsessed twaddle
why read it?
why read it?
why read it?
what do you expect from kilbey?
this is all he gives
if kilbey didnt exist
a random word generator
programmed up on kilbeys vocabulary
could spit this stuff out
just like all them computer programmes
where they fed in the beatles
but i’m still waiting to hear the song that came out
aint it incredible
its 2008 n i write this stuff
and guys all round the world read it 2 seconds later
sitting here in hyper downtown virtual nth bondi
it rained hard all night
this morning is warm tentative n tender
this smorning hollow like the trojan horse
filled with some invasive future
thats gonna jump out n sack my city
king priam says we can get back in the game
but man
that helen is a hot number if you like spartans
yeah we all gonna die for some pretty ladies face
did you guys know that
aphrodite appeared in the thick of battle
to spirit paris out of the fray
diomedes saw her and stabbed her fucking wrist
he stabbed the goddess of loves wrist
i wonder how well he did with the ladies after that
i bet he could walk in a brothel covered in gold talents
and he still wouldnt get a root…
ah those were the days
i pray to the goddess saraswati
goddess of art and tempeh burgers
i pray like this :
oh most gorgeous goddess
please allow me to become
the most successful artist since
salvador muhammed dali…
i was in sauna the otherday
there was a woman in film industry
i say oh i’m watching such n such a series
she says: oh i could have done that better
oh yes
i could rewrite shakespeare so much better
i couldve written all that stuff by mozarthoven much better too
n all them beatle songs
yeah i could have
its all academic
its all fucking moot
anyone could do anything
you might write utmw again if you like
or do what i would have done
given other circumstances etc
me …i’m kilbey
i do what kilbey does n no other
i am the best n the worst
you know all that jive
go n look around
there aint no others out there
theres no comparison
theres no reason to get all excited
i just write whatever comes into my head
and a lotta stuff comes into my head
i got my feelers out
people come n go
thats ok
use what you want n leave the rest
the whales sang on my song
gee they made a mess of the studio
all those fuck-ing plankton dealers hanging abaht
the whale said killer
killer : whale…?
whale : ok before we start singing mister, know this
some of us get paid in krill
some of us in fish
we are not gonna sing unguarded dolphin
or use any japanese microphones
and er…no sperm whale jokes, ok?
but bloody polinski
he had dugongs n manatees
all of them cetaceans
crowded in a vocal booth
the right wales were so self righteous
the humpbacks parked in the disabled spot
the blue whales were kinda sad
the sperms all called moby dick (!!??)
the bottlenosed whatnots were all pissed
the big one with the horn…whats ‘e called again?
(someone somewhere else : a narwal)
he was doing the falsetto bits
just before the five hundredth drop of rain hits
i was down in some sea
dontcha see?
i was in the ocean
i was swimming along with my pod
i was big and cold and serene
and ya see
we were all singers
and we were all singing these beautiful songs
one off improvisations around a theme
how i loved my little she whale n my lil calf
how we sang n we dived n we listened
we listened to other whales far far away
their voices flowing thru the resonant etheric water
their songs mingling with other songs
once sung it goes on forever
we pick them up
amend them
bend them
make them an ode to bliss
or an elegy for a gone friend
and i’m steve kilbey inside a whale
yeah you know that story too
i was jonah
i still am
why cant i do what it seems i must do?
i dont even fucking know what it is
someone in next room :oh yeah you do
its 10 00
i would like to knight sir david r
and sir john t
arise good men n join me round the round table
guineverre is in a frisky mood
and i dont like to lance a lot
the key to the chastity belt doesnt fit
i already tried
the saxons are invading whales
the all sing n bear gifts from greeks
kilbey writes his diary
there is no right or wrong
i can appropriate jim morrison
or lindy morrison
or apollo the far-sighted
i can write whatever i like
thats how it all happened
thats why if the australian navy
sent a fucking torpedo right up the next whalers botty
well…i for one would cheer
one just doesnt kill whales anymore
theyre singers!!
i mean

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