posted on March 24, 2007 at 11:01 pm

daylife savings are over
life saviours pack their things and exit
in a forest somewhere old man winter leans
towards the southern hemisphere
i wake up this morning to a white world
the sky outside
my sleeping wife wth her mauve eyelids
my american wife with her own joys n sorrows
my wife n i drinking riccadonna wine + ! + ?
oh watching the black rain fall from our sunroom
my wife likes her riccadonna with red cordial n ice in it
oh thats it
be a nice wife, nk…
from chapterhouse
“blind angel, move thru me
dangerous vacuous bliss”
yes dangerous vacuous bliss
but bliss is bliss
the hours of the night melt away
the black rain continues
we drift around the house
like in a waking dream
oh come over here baby
the outside has completely vanished
inside a reduced world
where i forget myself
i get out of step with it all
i go off in tangents
i drift n i drift
then i hurl down the barrel into sharp focus
where a halo of light pounds
time becomes quite meaningless
its out there passing in the real world
but in my skull the minutes linger
music bounces off my ears
everything is sensitive
a taxi pulls up in the street outside
but it might as well be another world
the brake lights glow in the black rainy night
someone jumps in our out
i cant tell
i see things
but i cant decipher any order
i cant see any point
our candles illuminate the darkness
i quaff down wine like water
nothing has any effect on me sometimes
her prettiness makes me angry somewhere inside
i feel like a very nasty cat looking at a little birdie
oh baby youre so pretty…..ggrrrrrrr
oh you mangey panther
oh you cruel little boy
who are you now time being
just a man
just a man
in darkness
in sweet oblivion
lost my head
lost my mind
falling over n over

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