posted on February 2, 2010 at 3:07 am

2 good things however
autumn andel a filmmaker has made an
excellent vid to go with
all is one
by k/k
i had almost forgotten martin had mentioned that autumn was to do it
i had seen her whiskey marine and thought it was pretty good
and then i kinda forgot that there was a vid on its way
anyway today i get the link
oh wow
i didnt think anyone could interpret that song
but autumn has actually added poignancy to the whole thing
i am very very hard to make happy with stuff like this
i hereby declare best vid ever of one of my songs
part swirling van go go-ey liquid painting
part allegory
part tear jerker
part cosmic fable
amazing attention to detail
my wife watched it 3 times n cried everytime
so did i (believe it or not)
usually i cry in frustration
but this unusual and beautiful video
will make even the hardest heart soften
autumn here is your golden time being award for excellence
i think martin might put up a link real real soon
you gotta see this one!
the new tibor has non working cd player
no jack in for yer ipod
so i been listening to the radio
i heard a song i liked a few times
it seems to be getting a real caning
i found out it was australian group the temper trap
i know im pathetically behind the times
but i really love this band
downloaded cd from i tunes
its pretty good its pretty more-ish
its pretty uplifting n soulful n youthful
i check their myspace page
my lord these guys are already huge
playing 3 sold out nights at a big london gig
watch their video
the lead singer is an indonesian guy
not what i was expecting
but i can see how he could be a huge star
lovely high melodious voice
their vid has had almost 4 million watches
meanwhile bad thing
bear in mind i saw brian johnson play in canberra
in 1973
in some little club
he had a band called geordie n he wore a stripey jumpsuit
i believe he even in those days
wore that dreadful hat
that presumably covers either his bald head
or some weird growth (or both)
he was old even then he seemed to me
a nudge nudge wink wink hows yer father type
bloody orrible
i also saw acdc with their very 1st singer(dave evans)
in a tiny canberra pub
there were about 7 people there
malcom young was dressed up like a keystone cop
i kinda liked ac/dc with bon scott
he was a charming lovable rogue, eh?
but i cannae abide them as they are
so unbelievably silly
so silly that silly old sod
singing those silly old songs
and all those young boys watching them
freud would have a ball with the symbolism
his voice is like listening to calico tearing slowly
a screeching phlegmy cackle n grunt
his words are puerile obvious monotonous tripe
his look
is like hes lived on egg n bacon n beer for a hundred years
and yet
these guys sell out the megadome in 2 seconds flat
80,000 tickets in a moment
its so fucking embarrassing with the cannon and stuff
all those teenage lads listening to some old grandad
boasting about some cartoon bawdy escapade he supposedly had
i cant really see an ugly little old sod like him getting laid that much
can you?
am i too harsh?
i just cant understand how anyone could enjoy
this awful amateur carryon
but theyre the biggest band in the world
maybe i should buy a fucking satchel……

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