posted on March 14, 2007 at 9:18 pm

lifes a gas
i hope its gonna last
have to laugh at geezer from yesterdays comments
who says i dont understand
who says im steve naive
cos i dont understand the torture
cos i write in my blogge
“does it have to be this way?”
is davey hicks such a bad guy
does he so threaten the “civilized” world
that hes treated worse than a dog for 5 years?
see the geezer from the comments
he doesnt understand either
and he doesnt know why
it just makes him feel comfortable to think
that someone must know what theyre doing
with all the war n torture
leave it to the experts…eh?
whatta joke thatta stupid songwriter
could know anything about it, eh?
for godsake let the songwriters write songs
and let the torturers torture
thats what we got em for…
ordinary people like kilbey cant understand
war and torture
the balance of power
detente n brinkmanship
jesus, kilbey
go write yer stupid song
leave torture alone!
what do you know?
tell us about the heyday shirts!
sheesh! enough with the torture
as if a songwriting potsmoking turkey
like you
could understand the brilliant strategies
of the the torturers n their bosses
just like vietnam
i spose kilbey didnt want vietnam neither
and then where would we be?
imagine if we hadnt had vietnam?
no freedom
no liberty
does he think all those young soldiers died for nothing?
god imagine if they let kilbeys type run the world…
fucking useless
we’d have chaos!
hed let our enemies walk all over us!
wed all be speaking iraqi by now
and riding camels to work
and i feel much better now soddem hussein is hung
he deserved it! the barbarian
he sat back in the comfort of his palace
and killed innocent people
and invaded other countries
that were nothing to do with him
he had the massive destructive weapons
(or he wished he did!)
and damn! im glad weve gottem ourselves
cos we know when to use em
and he didnt
so we had him n his sons executed
to show the world what we think of murderers!
how could kilbey understand this shit?
obviously….he couldnt!

yeah just like the witch trials and inquisition
and the crusades
and that lovely hundred years war
why why why?
its the same type
doing it over n over n over
us ordinary folks
we stand back n feel lucky if it isnt us
keep yer eyes down n maybe they wont notice ya
see sir roger ride off to jerusalem
and stick it to the turks
those heathens…we’ll show em
call that an atrocity…?
this is an ATROCITY!
the christians used to dig up plague ridden corpses
and catapult em into moslem cities under siege
promise to spare the citizens if they surrender
and then kill every last man woman n child of em
you see
they were barbarians these moslems
the christians were the good guys
they needed jerusalem back
and whatever it took, ya know…..
im sure olde richard the lionheart
had a good line in rhetoric
and im sure a load of the boys along
on the crusade thought it was a good cause
or they were soldiers just doing their gig
getting paid
killing people
same as it ever was
cut off a childs head?
sure…if its a heathen
i mean the crusaders got god on their side, right?
the proper god you know jehovah n his son jesus
jesus woulda wanted it this way
im sure
i mean you cant say all those people died for nothing
why our leaders wouldnt do that?!
not our king!
he understands ruling!
he wouldnt get us mixed up in a bloodthirsty ruinous shambles
that would continue to fuck up the world
for centuries!
i mean a crusade is a good thing
its the english word for jihad, right?
it means we re doing it for the one true god
and decency n civilisation
and just like yesterday
the paradox remains
sometimes you gotta beat a bit
of fucking civilization into these bastards!
oh and the paisley shirts….?
each floral blip represented a million foreigners
murdered by western white imperialistic christian idiots!

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