posted on August 15, 2008 at 9:49 pm

i’m kilbey
who are you?
i paid my dews before you were outta short pants
and they call me old man skyriver
giver of boons
tinker of tunes
i sing but i dont dance
i been to jail
i been to france
i been to helvetia n back
with out e’er a backwoods glance
(e’er… poncy!)
yes i am the velvet throated poet
oh how i know it and then
blow it!
(a mod ‘un de quincy!)
the fool on the hill
man i’m sitting here so still
still i’m sad…..
my encyclopedia brain
with half the letters missing
dont go dissing me cur
youre just a blur on the silent screen
youre like something in be tween
have you come to praise or bury me
have you come to drown or ferry me
hey i rhyme on time; how very me
i am so self obsessed i forgotten my name
i hate myself but its love to blame
viva la difference but its all the same
hey did i ever tell ya bout the time
i was recording in manhattan
i got the vu meters to flatten
ya see i could detect a pattern
i was snorting some brown powder
i was supping on some vegan potato chowder
i was strumming my bass much louder….
never mind me
i often digress
i bullshit you
then i truly confess
bless you reader
hail thee oh subscriber
you kindness doth sustain me
(can ya lend us a fiver?)
i am the keeper of the flaming frame
sleeper you should keeper
the words seem to have ironed things out
the dope seems to have cleared things up
steve kilbey all defiant despite his recent losses
knocked out by phil e stein
and mod n times
the killer as they call him
has adjourned to his corner
yoga is massaging his shoulders
chi gong takes the mouthguard out of his gob
swimming tries to stitch his swollen eye
in every painting you do kil-bo
one eye bigger than the other…why bother
and why twins
i guess he’s not a mono zygotic kinda guy
the rhythm n rhyme have disinte-grated
all the hoo hah now a-bated
whats left?
a slinky bass line
the smudge of a shadow on yer eyeline
the whisper of some words on yer grapevine
enjoy me freely
i wont be a round forever
they dont do this model so much these days
i hear the new guys dont know their eros from their venus
how much distance i must put between us
the australian us
the euro-pean us
the dream bus is calling us
too much
magic bust
magic free dirt
hey every body call me mr guy forks
cos i am discombobulated
sometimes im good
sometimes im mournful
sometiimes im friendly
sometimes im scornful
im an arrogant little prat
an irritating brat
scare the hell out of a bat
prattling on with this n that
how much do i promise
how much do i deliver
a brittle precious little
hey i’m everything at fucking once
no one here knows what i can n cannot do
i can spell through as thru
cos i’m so good
that i make mistakes
like swimming in black lakes
full of voracious vermillion snakes
like the lamia who ate rael
or buffalo ballet by john cale
if there was a rock ph.d i’d be at yale
i always fail
i always fall
i always fill yer head with nonsense, thats all….
why do you love me love love me do
you love me oh say it long and hard
say it with your credit card
say it with a glassy shard
or something i possibly marred
i’m kilbey
i’m my own man
but you could rent me…anybody can
for half an hour
increase your power
beauty like a hairy flower
knock ‘er over n wow ‘er
i am the one they simply call him
i was once known as slim
i got vitality n vim
my receiving is dim
dim, sim
flim flam
no ham or spam
was glam
now damn!
clown prince the neverking
not that anyone was wondering
nice day here…no thundering
guess i’ll have a fucking swim under then
poach some pears
see to my affairs
trim my beards hairs
listen to some kevin ayers
descend the stares
never see
suntanned druglord
for all the tourists
down by the sea

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