posted on October 21, 2006 at 6:06 am

deep in space where disconnexion began
deep in soft space
luxurious space
where the lighted lands travel
deep in a unique place
under a star
a long dark shadow cast from a future bright
except he that might see it
just might….
vague architechture has infested in the city
moss obelisk …a green needle
weed men rolling in clover
the pendulum ceases to swing
time being stands still
the birds start singing for the time being
and for the time being its raining
grey afternoon by the cold sea
glad you have a warm space to inhabit
safely inside my fifty veneers
i crouch at the bottom in a baal -boy suit
at the bottom of the barrel
we find hope
music is everywhere
i suddenly realise it doesnt feel like saturday!
saturdays usually mah fave day but todays lifeless n listless
for the time being the doors are open
you know which doors i mean little sweetie
the doors
and you stumble thru theze doors as naive as can be
never knowing anything
at least music has prepared you for some of this
sooner or later you will pass by here
a meandering river wandering across time
black basalt rock protruding thru streams
why do you suppose the amphibs are all dying?
reeds choking the lakes
red organisms fuck resovoir
human beings dump toxic ash in pristine wonderland
i mean, why not?
what good is a pristine wonderland if not for burying barrels
of nuclear sludge??
the future has arrived
and its fast n greedy n impatient
just like it always is
easy to talk, isnt it?
forlorn birdies fight thru the air
the tress are tossed about
my eyes begin to ache in this cold electric light
uh oh!
it must be time to split

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