posted on December 5, 2005 at 3:35 am

back in sydney
back in the smog
the jams
the noise
back in bondi
the backpackerss, sk hates nassssty backpackersss
the mynah birds
the seagulls
the fish an fuckin chips
sk, yer humble correspondent
sitting here
hot afternoon w/ sea breezes
all internet cafes full up to the back tourist
cmon sk, youre saying
we dont care about that
how was the gig
you had a bird sigh view
you were there in the thicket
on the grassy null
in the adult book repository
behind the bass
oh short term memory
oh vagueness
i said i was attacked by a crazed bird
feathered blur of testogeronal anger, avian andrenochrome
kids, dont attempt to write like this at home
hey kids rock and roll
ooh mah soul
hey kids boogie too
well of course we were pretty good i guess
at least it must be high or low
i cant tune in
but its alright
at least i think it was ok
the ACT
had sticky black rice, mango and coco nut milk for breakfast, bay bee
stayed in a swell establishment
who were not impressed with the sight of ye olde sk
8 30 in the morning
complete with attitude adjustment
and dressed as a crazed bricklayer
well cyril, they let anyone in here nowadays
aint that steve kilbey , doris?
why cyril, i do believe you are right
he aint alf still andsome…..
ha ha ha
no that was not the case ,my vanities, my little voyeurs
ole sk gets us back home safe and sound
hooray sk
youre a fershluginner genius
AND a safe driver
thats it you geese
more to follow
real soon

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