posted on January 3, 2006 at 9:34 am

thatss rite
yer humble hero is back in the cafes
so beware
backpackah skums
and naughtynurses
oh the horrible music is playing
the click click click
of ye olde keyboards
as the germans and swedes
chat with the old country
its a nice evening
in bondi
huge queues for the restaraunts
loads of noisy people everywhere
blow ins
johnny come latelys
fair weather friends
low key day for me
achieved very little
house sitting duties over
surf nice but small
listening to
the plateau of mirror
by eno and harold budd
(this budds for you)
never get sick of this
spacious music
liquid shoals of piano
reverberating and changing

well its all over
all the hoopla and fuss
dead christmas trees litter footpath
(aurora:what a waste)
most of the fairy lights have blown
the last of the wrapping paper hit the
recycling bin
daylight hours shorten imperceptibly
the crowds thin out
things fall apart
the centre cannot hold
back with two rough beasts
slouching towards bondi
to be rebirthed

so even a bigge starre
like me
has mediocre days
unlikely but true
no yachting or golf today
no polo or gambling
no seminars or vedic massages
just a slow day
running around

running low
in all quantities
feeling flat
on the ups n downs
cmon sk
get it together
write at least one interesting thing
before you sign off
something about the “straights”
nope, bored with all that
what about the jet?
no comment
hissy miggins?
ah, let her be
the weather?
its ok
any plans?
any aspirations for the new year?
none o yer bizness
whats next for ya, olde rockah?
never you mind
got anything to say for yerself?
enuff with the questions
you can see im cranky cant ya?
i better get goin
fore i launch into a rant
and end up
disappearing in
a long black car
like w reich
opus dei
the cia
the fbi
i know yer bugging my line
i’ll never stop blogging
while injustice still prevails
see ya soon

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