posted on April 28, 2007 at 5:11 pm

thats right
arrived in the motherland
wheres rikki?
have met legendary church fans out the front
people from all over the world
dan from san diego
a guy from italy
tonites gig almost sold out
last nite was only about 50
the smallest crowd we ever played to since 1980
am i humbled now?
i think so
i do wanna give up
obviously we cant tour europe again
its too close to the wire
too near the bone
it dont work playing to 50 people
yes im grateful to the 50 there
it coulda been even worse
even so we had some dutch wally yelling out
“play yer hits…thats what we’re paying you for”
thanks pal
you hurt my feelings when i was already down
boo hoo
anyway i did my best
whatever thats worth
not much
i just read a message to anton alfred e newman backstage here
but i cant repeat in case my mothers reading
boom boom
so its nice down here in brighton
home to nicky cave n bob gillespie
neither of whom i presume will be coming tonite
i have been warned not to swim in seweragey sea
yeah…i guess i’ll give it a miss
im feeling lonely n scattered
people talk to me but i cant concentrate
my eyes wander
i m disinterested even in someone
telling me im the best thing since sliced bread
i gotta rethink this whole thing
i gotta quit while im a head
i gotta …
i gotta go
a big blogge 2 morrow i promise
if you thinking of seeing us in london
it really could be the last time
maybe the last time
i dont know
oh no…

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