posted on January 7, 2011 at 1:24 pm

raining in my heart

sitting in tims backyard

ring the newspapers ! i turned up early for rehearsal

sit here taking a slug on my apricot nectar

i still wonder what its all about

life is bewildering us all

totally sick of ourselves

longing for some non existent future

or some imaginary glorious past

but we are in turmoil

we are in freefall

we are out of order

a huge lizard runs past my feet

it is a lovely creature all coppery highlights

out here in the suburbs nature more rampant

kids play in the backyard pools

cicadas sing in the backyard trees

the weather is a sultry hot day

i drive a long way to get here

everything goes round n round in my head

everything simply everything

and of course any thing any old thing

in my head theres no one home as i drive drive drive

my falcon sings smoothly along bridges and into tunnels

people on a 2 decker bus seeing the sights

oh i wish i was them

to leave me behind empty headed in this car

i’d turn up but no one would notice the difference

i’d strap on my new borrowed crimson 6 string bass

i’d play paradox or kings

the words would come come come

rolling off  that machine that gives them out to me

my fingers would know where to go

my voice would be the same

ah but i

i am on this bus this double decker bus

and i’m a tourist going down the hill in kings cross

and im some lucky mother who never had no problems

who never got rolled no di-lemmas from the uni-verse

but that is the condition

the condition of entry

the condition of man

the condition of earth

we should be so happy here

you were once so happy here i sing myself to you

but who are you ……?

you remain unknown audience

you take it all in

you loved my songs well heres my empty head for you

you shake it around a little

ok theres a brain rattling in there

sloshing around in its own transmission fluid

gently bumping up against my thick skull

but theres no one home theres no one home

i’m finally someone else and ive ducked out for a minute

a pleasant breeze surprises me somewhat

i awaken from one embedded reverie

gulp down me apricot nectar

a man is whistling somewhere over all these fences

his whistle has a strange vibrato

birds also whistle in plentitude

im sitting under a verandah type type typing

funny how you get blown off course

you achieve the exact opposite of what you want

you make the mistake again n again

you go back to the start feeling finished

me ? i’m on that bus in the sun

the moment lasts forever

that lucky tourist frozen in time

no money worries

never been married

robustly healthy

having a lovely holiday in sydney

parrots alight on some tree eating the berries

the raucous squawking hurts my damaged ears

its australia its summer  its the bloody holidays

wind passes thru treetops

but at ground level it comes after woods

i long to sleep some more

i dreamed a strange dream but now i have forgotten it

gone gone gone that dream and i long to still be within it

oh to vanish away like smoke in the mirrors

my eyes hurt

my head hurts

my back hurts

ooh time for yoga i guess

put this headache machine away

and cool my heels in something else

something i believe in i guess

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