posted on December 29, 2015 at 9:27 pm
glimmer time

glimmer time

impossible soft summer night

with the sea at the end of the road

with all the fernery and greenery

plants growing everywhere out of pots and out of darkness

you have arrived here tonight received unto this night

subtle meek cool and warm

oh charming evening where faint effulgence of celebration still lingers

people laughing talking drinking meeting at tables before the beach

you slip amongst them unseen untouched unthought of

a dream from your bed you have been pulled

the waves crash on the shore

that delicious salty smell in the ether

whirlwind of colour now smeared to purple in the sky

lanterns in the trees and eventide birdsong

theyre playing the drums and dancing around

yellow sand like a slipper

yellow stars like dim diamonds

you see it all before you like a moving painting

the moon and the clouds and the cities and the ghosts

there will be a future that we will have no part of

all of this will still go on…oh yes…without you and me

we have no way of knowing we have no way of seeing

so soak up this evening before it is gone

and for now let your dream ring on


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