posted on July 6, 2007 at 8:11 am

the map of love
where does it lead
the killer trudging down this lonely hard road
the rocks and the gravel cry out to him
as he walks over them
the deep earth ignores him
the sky turns black as night falls down
cars whizz by out there
as it starts to rain
a light drizzle
he sees his breath as steam
he sees the halo around the moon
somehow he has his ipod on
listening to the ruff mixes of his solo album
the one he made that time
before what….?
before things changed
did he lose his mind?
has he got amnesia?
is there an identical twin impersonating him n wreaking havoc?
is this a dream?
is this an out of body experience?
is this the stoned ramblings of an old hippy?
is this anything at all?
will there be a happy ending?
he doesnt know yet
he thinks all of the above
above all
above it all
hes in this interval here
he is
a motel
hes checking into this motel
just another guy on the lost highway
this motel on the edge of which town where
this kinda rundown seen better days hotel/motel
maybe its an inn
or a motor inn
or a motor lodge he thinks…
the sign says reception
a young girl working there
no two young girls
well heres yer identical twins
dont all mystery stories have identical twins?
goodevening said one
we’re closed said the other
would you like a room? said one
no vacancy said the other
for one night? said one
or forever said the other
does it have hbo he asked
yes said one
no said the other
they both said
we have a great selection of videos
may we recommend
a new bergman film
oh whos in it ? he asked
oh this actor
you probably havent heard of him
they said
namen turner
oh but i know him he said
good they said
hes playing you
in this film
about your life
first the book said one
now the film said the other
but what about my room he said
dont you want to see the film …its on now said one
its the bit where you come good in the end said the other
can i watch it in my room? he said
do you have a credit card? said one
we only take cash said the other
no we saw in the film how he lost his credit card in rangoon
ha ha yes
outside the ambassador hotel
during the coup
during the nineties
during the arista period
when you had the hit
and the problem
and all that excitement
and all that tedium
all that money
all those taxes
all those fans
all those enemies
does turner even look like me in this film ?he asked
not really they said
much younger and hansomer
much taller and slimmer
much more …believable they both said
how can he be more believable than me? he asked
oh yes he is said one
i believed it more said the other
well who sings? he asked
oh namen turner sings
a voice like a lark
what? he sings my songs? he asked
they let him rewrite most of the words
there much better now
for a modern audience
for the i-gen
they changed some bits too they said
youre born in england now
you play the organ
you got 5 sisters
and 2 sons
its very strange
its quite straight forward too
it got some good reviews
it got some stinkers as well
they didnt deal with the drug stuff too well
very realistic though i thought
they changed the drug to crack or something
more relevent to todays kids
hang on hang on! he said
now im confused….
are any of the bits like me at all? he asked
oh all of it said one
oh none of it said the other
heres the key
to the last room
at the which town where motor lodge
its room 1313
on the thirteenth floor
but press 12a on the elevator
i picked up my guitar and suitcase
i mean
he picked up his guitar and suitcase
and ascended in the lift creakily
up up up
he got outta the lift
and staggered down the hall
tired and wasted after another gig somewhere
turn the key
lay on the bed
its goodnight



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