posted on February 14, 2011 at 5:48 am

february schism of our ideas

the cold is inside my shoes

it nip nip nip at my toe

i hurtle on into the future towards the east

i climb on a stage

i play a bass guitar i sing songs

i stand there in the light while music throbs around me

yoga and swimming throw me around the stage

my words are crazy to me

nightmarish naive florid snapshots of some bullshit 20th century life

then we did this

then we did that

i strummed a fuckin’ guitar n i got lucky

i thought of some words

anyone could fucking do it

we put a band together

just find some cool cats who can play

and we went round n round this earth

hawking our existential art rock mope neo psychedelic blah blah blues

we rolled the dice

we moved up n down the snakes n ladders

we did  smart n stupid things

i landed on a hotel on mayfair

but the bank error was not in my favour

i didnt realize the old the young the black the white the men n women

they were picking up this insistent distant beat

i drum my fingers on a table

i shave my reflection in a mirror

i approach and apprehend music streaming to me through my ethereal connection

who wrote all these fucking words i sing

why it was you and you and you

theyre yours again now

say them to hotties in a bar

they might get you laid

write them in your notebook

and feel their power in ink

use them uncredited in your spiels i no longer care

my words my music my movement my rhythm

all happening while i stand back and watch

some say we are the best band in the world now

how is that possible you say

please come and see us play if you can then

judge for yourself

some energy we are tapping into

do you even wonder how some old aussie bloke pushing 60

can run around singing and slinging a heavy bass for over 3 hours

its the energy

it is attracted to us

we feed off it

the energy of over a hundred years of collective musical experience

filtered thru musicians dedicated and rededicated to their music

and its quality

and there it is

the energy come to guide us thru it all

as it uncurls outta the future

hey  hey


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