posted on August 27, 2007 at 4:25 am

spring has sprung
rah rah rah
the bugs go mad
the icebergs pool still cold though
the sun shines
the palm trees baybee
the pacific turns aquamarina
the wavelets rolling in
the tourists arrive by the bucketload
the time zips past
the children come out
the children dressed in uniforms
the schools divulge the children
the olde domino players appear out the back
this morning at the pavillion
as i counted to a million
i caught my breath
then let it go
as a shapless bird so free
it cruised on past the bibliotech
deserted gloomy discoteques
and then it dived like lead into the sea
weekend shoppers still swarm to the games
they burn their bridges and they fan the flames
alone in the crowds forgetting their names
they fade on the way to the exit
who uprooted the no through road sign on the corner?
and who noticed the stars
and heard the shiver of the dawn
and who was there
apart from you
who apart from you
you are apart there
in pieces
at the edge of the park lie beautiful houses
inside them its already dark
inside them every sound is drowned in luxury
inside them spring reigns and rains
garden over groan
swimming pool and deck chairs
statues of dionysus and apollo
i am spring spitting flowers
i am total
i am an afternoon in the sun
under a tree
life will be renewed
we must go on

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