posted on November 27, 2008 at 7:20 pm

nobody knows anything
i travel round this n other worlds
a free spirit but you dont get it for nothing
past weeds n stones n little bunny rabbits
i roll over bridges
i fly over lakes
i walk thru walls
i am a presence waiting for you to close your eyes
i hover in the summer darkness
i am so very patient
i can wait
i go where i want
in shotgun shacks at the edge of town
get yer skulls n powders here
i am black madame apollyon
i am a thousand years old today
i eat men alive
i swallow cities n towns
i lift up my skirts n darkness comes down
jus’ count yer money carefully honey
you dont wanna cheat me
i know how you died
i know how you gonna be born
i am the snake mans daughter
i am a childe of the marshes
i am the morning that never comes
i am so pretty but you never see me
i am that bird on the line
i go up n i see everything
in the deepest lake i am an eel
in the highest sky i am a cloud
in the strongest tree i am a termite
in the hardest metal i am rust
and lower yer voice
you never knows who might be listening
and close yer eyes now
n fall asleep
let yer old mama croon you away
as the train clicketty-clack clicketty-clack
past the houses with their back gardens
past the factories n general stores
past the fields where the labourers groan
past the fallen down silos
and past the sandy trails
yeah your mama sings to you
and her fingers soothe away the past
and she cradles your sweet white skull
and she gently rocks with the train
and people move past on the screen
thats me you say
no thats me
no thats me
oh mama wont you sing some more
oh yes childe
surely i will sing some more
about a devil in the deep blue sea
and about
an angel in a pit
about that little boy
who one day
woke up with a black fury sucking him off
and about the monkeys in lemuria
who were vicious n mad
and about a beautiful lady turned men into pigs
oh that aint too hard says an old ladies voice
and everyone in the carriage starts to laugh
oh mama oh mama
yes my sleepy childe?
oh mama sing me those songs about the kings
about the gold
about the boys who never grow old
oh sing me to sleep because i am so tired
but i’m shaking
and i cant tell whats wrong with me…
oh childe let my love dwarf thee
oh childe come back into the dark earth
be a part not apart
oh childe listen to my voice
the wind is my friend
he carries my words
and i talk to the night
whatever that means
and the night has a thousand eyes
and the walls can all speak
and the carpet burns
and the dawn is mourning
hush you little rascals
dont wake now
atlantis has gone down
down to the depths
with a boiling white sound
someone interrupts
hey its madame apollyon….
shut your mouth!
i’m singing my little steven asleep
my poor tired boy
all sweaty n hot
from working all day
so hard in his mind
he tried so hard to run from mother earth
but now as his day draws nigh
he turns to me and he sigh
someone in the carriage says
and they all join in my mamas song
mama sings :
ashes and dust aint so bad
cmon now n dont be sad
the passengers in the carriage :
aint so bad
don’ be sad
mama sings:
tomorrow wont care whether youre there
son dont let the blues hear you fuckin’ swear
passengers in the carriage :
yeah don’ swear don’ swear
mama sings :
one door close
another one open
but maybe it wasnt
the one you been hopin’
but thats alright
its goodnight
passengers in carriage :
aaaahhhh goooood niiiight!

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