posted on April 12, 2009 at 8:48 pm

the problem of evil
the problem of free will
the problem of free beer
the problem of a crazy world
where the aminals are all dying
whoops there goes the frogs
whoops there goes the bees
whoops there goes the fish
whoops there goes the penguins n whales
whats wrong with humanity
why did we have to go on until it got like this?
the cancer in our mothers side
there are no more guarantees
many species in their hundreds
many species in their tens
tigers will be gone by the time yer grandkids grow up
and tassie devils
and rhinos
never mind
we still got plenty of chickens n cows n pigs
lets get em into the amazon
lets get em into the forests n the steppes
lets get em onto our tables n into our guts
western civ……the feet of clay
western civ…..we come to you and give ya jehovah
have musket will travel
free s.t.d.s
free alcoholism
free slavery
free guilt
its all there in the bible
if you got god
you got the right
you got the missionaries
you do things for the savages own good
people in foreign countries need the bible
they need to know how enoch begot ezra n ezra begot ephraim
they need to know how theyre gonna burn for eternity
it’ll sort em out
those crazy israelites
gee they had a ball
those other guys worshipping graven images…
they had it coming, right…?
and its easter
and i got my chocky bunny
and i got my laptop computer
and i got my mansuit on n it looks good
and i donated some money last year for something
and i’m reconciled to making amazing records n remaining obscure
and i’m reconciled to turning 55 and i never long for my lost youth
and i do vegan benefits so my conscience is so clear
and here are my major beefs
in no particular order
music in the eighties mostly sucked
eating meat is immoral unhealthy n disgusting
drugs should be medical not legal issue
war is criminal unless defence
bush is a war criminal n should be tried in the hague
priest = aura is a widescreen masterpiece
untitled#23 is quite brilliant as well
loads of less talented geezers than me make more money
i dont like perfume n makeup or gossip magazines
no one except jimmy little has ever done milky way any good
i dont like reality tv or crime tv or dancing shows
i dont like danny minogre
i dont like that maudlin git who sings in that wimpy voice
i dont like heavy metal or country
i dont like rap or grunge
i dont like boy bands
i dont like the wiggles
i dont like rich bitches in fucking lexuses blocking the street
i dont like idiots who speed up narrow bondi alleys
i dont like kyle hand-shandilands…what a podgy ugly pudding
i dont like reading about or seeing “jen”
her chin is a disgrace
i dont like plastic surgery or mutton done up as lamb
i dont like mobile phones or texting
or rude bastards having loud conversations on em in cars
i dont like women who fucking swear all the time
i dont like the sound of skateboards or mynah birds
i dont like weed whippers or leaf blowers(the ultimate in garden idiocy)
i dont like losing my stuff
i dont like boring stuff like watching football
i hate bars
i hate pubs
i dont like drunks n smokers
i dont like boors n bores
i dont like men who hit women
i dont like women who nag men
i dont like little boys who squeal like girls
i dont like elton john or george michael
or billy joel or axle rose
i dont like the long lists i make about things i dont like
i dont like cucumber or eggplant or capsicum
i dont like myself
i dont like my freckly skin n wispy hair
i dont like my wrinkles n sags
i dont like my vanity
i dont like my envy
i dont like my insincerity
i dont like my lies
i dont like my intolerance n cowardice
i dont like my self obsession
i dont like my cruelty n aloofness
i dont like my addictions n my weaknesses
i dont like my lusts n greeds n angers
i dont like my stupidity n my oafishness
i dont like my lacks of talent
i dont like my second rate attempts at greatness
i dont like my reliance on pot
i dont like how im often too busy for my family
and i dont like how they distract me from working
i dont like paying taxes tho i know i must and always have
i dont like my teeth falling apart n not affording to fix em
i dont like the constant ringing in my ears
its deafening me so i listen to more loud music to drown it out
i dont like not doing yoga
i dont like missing out on me swim
i dont like how europeans
propped up by the bible
went around this world n fucked em
in north america
in south america
in central america
in australia
in india
in africa
in the south sea islands
up in canada n lappland
we dealt out our deck of misery
i hate world war 1
it was a outrageous tragedy
and attempts to glorify it are pathetic
i hate stalin n adolf n bush
i hate all the stupid fucked up things tyrants n despots do
blah blah blah
does anyone out there correspond to everything i said?
thats my final easter spew
tomorrow we will be back to abnormal
no jehovah content
no jesus
no satanic milk
no talking u-serpents
no bono huge-sun
no bill bailey
no john gillis
no reggie dwight shrute
no burny terrapin
no world wore nothing
no world war untitled#23
no sturm n drang or even vlach
no midge urine
no steve smotherland
no carrere no emi
no byron ferrari
no peter bysshe shelley
no howard trafford
no ono sideboards
no regrets
no promises (if you should fall)
no reason to be sad
no reason to be glad
no explanation
no exit
no dice
no no no i must be on my way
no fixed abode
no go
no caroline no
no sense in waiting for more
no goodbye

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