posted on November 8, 2012 at 4:38 pm



i have a story in a new book

just out


a song for the road

my story is called

i sing the infernal eternal tour

there are other stories by such people as adalita ,deniz tek

paul kelly, mark seymour etc

my story is some grimy hyperreality

i dont think youre gonna wanna tour after reading it

but its still a good read (i guess!?)


meanwhile a film im doing the music for is a new version of macbeth

filmed in tasmania

surprising how a tassie wilderness looks so much like a scottish wilderness

and the forests too…wow!

getting closer to becoming a reality and early next year hopefully it will be finished!

needless to say its an amazing film and amazing music (no it really is!)

you wait and see

keep your eyes n ears out for macbeth and remember where you heard it first!


meanwhile im keeping this blog short because im working hard on my album


its a beauty and im labouring over it lovingly for ya

true solo albums i enjoy is todds hermit of mink hollow

and petes who came first

anyway this baby should be ready before xmas

a rambling eccentric eclectic and weird bunch of tunes for you all

probably will turn out to be the greatest album evermade……?!

not sure tho, maybe im just an insane egotist

running amok with all these guitars n stuff here

writing oddly meaningful things you only ever half hear

im only ever half here


back to werk!!


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