posted on June 20, 2007 at 9:13 pm

oh im so happy imagining my fiendsss
in the northern hemisphere
celebrating summer as they should
swimming in gods cold ocean
swimming in that aitch too owe
sweet sweet summer
oh northern summer
oh the englishman in me is called home
a b and b in ramsgate?
up in findhorn in scotland
where the earth spirits have been contacted
and lo
theyre growing some tropical fruit
the great god pan is alive!
and the naiads and dryads dance at midsummer
in glades and dells
dwarves and elves and faery folk
enchanted summer
leafy oaks and brooks and country lanes
the being sits in the void of southern winter
here in my kitchen with a p-coat on
my fingers n feet n nose freeze
oh i wanna gambol in those english woods
i wanna eat tartex and kneckebrod in a skane skog
dive into that black scandic lake
deep and fucking ancient!
in hungary the rolling hills and plains
life goes on as always in tiny hamlets n villages
in the twilight evenings couples stroll through the countryside
lovely germany and its warm generous summer
shady forests and soft beds
america with its beaches and its lovely trees
oh those lucky natives before the arrival of” the man”
why oh why did we have to do what we did?
here n there
n everywhere we go
we middle aged english speaking males
couldnt we have stayed home n enjoyed our own misery?
ooh we paid a high price for our tekk-nology
oh all the blood on our ancestors hands
i cant seem to wash it all off
sometimes i feel guilty just being “white”
although only parts of me are actually white of course
where my stupid little bondi icebergs swimmers go
the rest is a kinda beigey dirty off-white
i go red when im burnt
i go green when im sea sick
i go blue when im cold
i go grey when im anxious
i go yellow when im jaundiced
you could say im a man of colours
resist ice-house comments
iva biggun davies
“you are awful….but i like you!”
hey this blogging lark is easy
look i can write anything i like
muse : yeah…they noticed
the woolly headed doodles pile outta bed
they like to scare each other
and now they have to “take” each other
to the bathroom
or theyre too scared to do a wee on their own
but i dunno what kinda spook would be put off his evil
just cos the other doodle was there
but i guess theyre not thinking it thru
you often hear a wail
as the minder doodle abandons her post
leaving the other one sitting on the toilet
and vulnerable to attack
from whatever monstrous ghoul inhabits the bathroom
the doodles got new drawing pads and charcoal pencils
and theyre churning out flowers n butterflies (eve)
and chipmunks squirrels n the inevitable rabbits (aurora)
reading the hobbit to the doodles at the mo
last night a passage where theyre eating rabbits
aurora looking at me horrified n gulping
looking at a rabbit dont make me feel hungry either, honey bunny
muse : uh oh here we go again…!
we take doodles n bumper to a park in surry hills lassanite
me n nk got a nasty craving for pastizzi
and guess what?
oh joy oh joy
they do a lentil pastizzi
mmm ttb enjoys his pea n lentil pastizzis
n his tomato dipping sauce
watching the doodles tear around like mad things
while the bumper sits atop a little horse saying giddy up
actually it sounds more like gigga ahh
but nk who understands bumperish
says it ruffly translates as giddy up
giddy up?
what does that mean?
i’ll never say that
if i ever jumped on a horse
and i wouldnt
cos i dont believe the horse wants to be ridden
why would it?
you gotta “break” em in 1st
that means breaking their spirit
kinda like what the good guys do at guantarunta fucking bay
davey hicks face down in fluoro light for five years
oooh he must be a badde guy!
real real badde
he musta threatened freedom the skinny little wretch
glad they got him
i can sleep so peacefully now
i dont believe in breaking anything or anyones spirit
do as you would be done by
thats the fucking golden rule aint it?
would you like a horse to break you in?
you wanna be treated like davey hicks without even a trial?
you want smart bombs dropping on your neck of the woods?
you wanna be rounded up n slaughtered?
you wanna be tracked n harpooned?
you wanna be napalmed or defoliated?
you want your kids killed?
come on
im naive n dopey
but cant this world reflect a little love
before i go to that great ibookG4 in the sky?

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