posted on August 25, 2007 at 11:46 am

the beat
being in and out of time
being on the money
staged adulation
fake applause
the audience un moved
words leave your mouth
brandishing admonishing
rock n roll medievalitica
the black prince baybee
the jack of spades in spades
with his lowdown moustache
you never catch jack of clubs with that moustache
you never gonna take a trick like that
jack of spades can play guitar though
fender mustang thru a load of stuff
he rides in the back compartment
he travels light years away
he blazes his own glorious trail
he finds a path between the women
he plays like a grand slammin’ jammin’ fiend
he summons up the devils dandruff
he lays it down in pastures green and cool
laughing all the way to the riverbank
pastoral space rock
the flowers of the valley
the tiny lights in the sky
a journey outside time
we are savage and intelligent
the music is the key
must be in key to open the love lock
the locked-on heatseeker eros
the jack of spades calls cupid to him
in all his vainglory
cupido vulgaris
with his arrows of love love love
the guitar strings
the bowstrings
bing! go the strings of your heart
the fingers pull n tweak
the fingers doing the work of music and love
the fingers which scurry over the frets
the fingers which hurry over the women
the stage which sinks under the music
the swamp of sound
the murky jungle juiced source of slither
music which charms snakes
music glyph in sonic sky
play your guitar jackie of spades
oh man lean on that thing like a bent snout
oh let it wail shakey flimsy brother
let it out and about
make it shout the blues back at blacks n whites
let it quote shakespeare and dolly dagger
let it walk with jesus down the kings road in 1978
the messiah in chelsea boots n mod-z-art white drainpipes
the apostles smoking and inventing their creed
the disciples lost in the crowd
ready to rock
ready to reel in their nets full of men
spades over hearts
wands over cups maybe too
guitar over itself
woman over man
man over woman
the tide pulls the moon closer
all things flux n flow
being in
being out

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