posted on March 2, 2011 at 6:11 pm

inconvenience store

saraswati favour me again

help me unlock the secret words that will turn the people on

oh i want to open up and let everything out

because everything is moving so fast now

and i’m rushing towards the end

and voices in my head clamour to be heard

and if i could so energise myself

in one great burst of creativity

i could succinctly nail it for once and for good

so i never had to again

so i could let it go where it wants

no more laziness no more doubt

my crown will be flooded by the cosmos

and all the greatest artisans from the old days will flow thru me

let me access that place

let me rifle thru the library of mankind

let me listen in on music never written

let me see the taste of the sound

i want everything at once

my ambitions exceed my meagre talents

the things i dream of are dazzling and monstrous

but somehow reality defeats us

and we work in shadows

and we struggle needlessly against life

and the fingers and voices that translate what we find in the void

are incapable of the subtlety and finesse

and our minds which should be hard as diamond

focusing the beauty of the entire earth and its history

thru the prism of a song or painting

a song which sings itself so to speak

something so fucking obvious no one could even see it !

so i’m searching through my mind and heart

trying to find whatever it is i need

some element some ingredient

some unthought of combination

i talk in my head with unknown persons

a committee of disembodied voices

whispering and shouting out their various trips

me : i’m just a vessel

i take what i can get

i get what i can take

but something animates me surely

forcing me to go on until i finally hit that golden nail

so i stumble along imagining things all over the place

life is full of marvels there is no shortage of subject matter

night falls in australia

autumn closing in

its already march




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