posted on October 19, 2010 at 6:24 pm


feverish mind landlocked in shallow sleep

everything seems threatening oh i sink easily

sleep and sleep but still so tired

struggle so hard but get no where

talk so much but say no thing

i’m going round the square playing a triangle

i turn up like news of a distant relatives departure

from some strange lonely land

fallen behind anemone lines

a sombre day upon us in severe grey

a time ghost afternoon i cannot wake up

suddenly its all gone

gone like money

gone like love

gone like life when its all over

gone like an impulse you once had

gone like a goner into a greater unknown

people this is the language of an inner exhaustion

my linings are worn right through now

i’m braking on my brains

i’m sliding down the razor sharp future

bleeding white sap

everytime i try to stop

i salute you all

somewhere out there where there is no me

i lose track of my train of thought

and i curl up in bed

unable to lie straight

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