posted on February 27, 2009 at 8:49 pm

the ‘orrible church begin re-hearsing today
out in some god forsaken suburb of western sydney
away from the pseuds and surfers of my beloved eastern subs
slaving away over a hot fretboard
deafening myself with my own bloody racquet
knocking myself out with my own beat
drinking cans of coke and munching on potato crisps
pacing around in the sun n shadows outside
i look at the weeds and the lizards
i look at the bits of paper blowing around
i look at the tar on the road
i look at the dust in the gutter
i look at the rust on the cars
i do yoga out there on my own
out in a parking lot surrounded by wherehouses
while the others fiddle with their stuff
i do my lonely yoga out there
i sod around with whatever i can find
i kick small stones
while i wait for whatever they have to do
before we play
bass n voice is easy mister
i just go straight into the p.a.
the other things take some jiggling about i spose
i dunno
i hate being in there
in that room with all that electric n electronic fallout
i spent too much time with equipment
and its soft radiations
i cant remember the words
i cant remember the notes
i cant remember the bleeding names
i cant remember the faces i should pull
i cant remember
i must
so i shall
submerge myself in the church
do my bit
play my part
a cog in the mechanism
a point in the distance
a teem player
easy as picking foxes from a tree
my fingers glide o’er the strings
my voice gets the words from somewhere
et voila
i stumble back into it on auto pilot
all guns blazing
singing my old heart out again
for the cause
for the faderland
for the folks who paid their good money
i dont know what it will be this time
no one does
will just follow along
as it leads us by the noses
and we run after it
with our guitars strapped on
baying and howling
chasing a good tune
see ya soon then

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