posted on May 25, 2009 at 8:44 am

the washed out glare of a bondi winter sky
as the last days of may truly came
my eye throbbed like a bitch
the light stabbed me and i flinched in its rays
my ears both gone
one of my eyes going going…
i jump on a bus to the eye specialist
the regular quack took one look n said
get thee to the i-specialist
my eye is flashing and furry and fuzzy
it looks real weird like a lemurian shamans eye
the eye doctors preps to measures n prods my eye (ouch)
i get my pupils opened right up
i read a terrible story in waiting room
how we fucked the murray valley
cut down 16 billion trees
nice work
seems trees attract rainfall
well whattya know
one still feels so sorry for the farmers left
stranded by the lands sudden frigidity
the great murray river has been diverted to a standstill
its stagnant and toxic and all because…..
because theres too many of us
and we’re greedy
and we’re humans
and we’re human
and we really think the earths resources are infinite
that the murray river could never run dry
no matter how much was taken out
its all fucked up
for everybody
rare red gum trees suddenly dying out
a sobering tale and close to home
did you know the sahara was once a rainforest?
trees attract rain…..dont cut another one down please
not in the amazon….ah but theyll keep going
till theyre all gone
just like the indians said we would
till the last fish
till the last tree
till the last buffalo
mr kilbey
the i-doc summons me in
peers into my fucked eye
seems my ocular jelly took a bit o compressing
or whatever
gotta go back next week
see if i have torn my retina
you dont wanna go blind on yer tour says i-quack
come back next week..maybe ya need a laser….
and if you feel a grey shadow coming on
then call me immediately……!
i walk back from the junction
my eyes sensitive to all the lights
jesus the onstage lights would be murder
hope this goes away before tour!
my eyelid a lovely scarlet purple

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