posted on July 4, 2011 at 11:51 pm

bib lick all pro poor shun

i’m bib pectin and i take no prisoners

well i wouldnt would i seeing im a pop singer

im a good pop singer too not rubbish like they got nowadays

i learnt to sing at the NSW conservatory of rock

i majored in hand gestures and romantic ballad lite

i had the hit when i re-did the anthem made it sexier

bib pectin is my stage name

my real name is tid memo

tidney fitzwilliam memo-bing to be exact

obviously that is not very sexy

so me and my manager came up with bib pectin

crikey it drives the ladies crazy its numerology isnt it

tid memo got as much feng shui as nothing

but bib pectin is dripping with good luck from its vowels

just try dropping it in a conversation with a lady you like

just drop in a little bib or pectin and see what happens

if you wanna be more sexy that is

bib pectin is the way to go

to me sexiness is an art just like golf is an art

just like romantic ballad lite is an art

you know some are born sexy and some have sexy thrust upon them

i guess im all of the above ha ha no pun intended

i take the ladies to say a cricket match

a little red wine a little goose liver pate

im quite dashing in my special box

the bib pectin stand for members only

a few beers a few wines

my aftershave a special eau-de-pectin whiff

my cravat with its kama sutra motif

my gold chain against my hairy chest

im quite the sight for the sore eyes of my fans


bib pectin appreciation society aux ladies guild

see my secretary for details of joining

or email

get my free pamphlet on sexiness for everybody

because a sexy pectin world is a better place for everybody

if you could use more sexiness in your life this could be for you

sexiness is coming to you soon

sexiness for just 20 minutes a day and under 38 dollars a week

sexiness you can feel and depend upon

sexiness the bib pectin way natural and with extra marlyebone  jelly

sexiness people will want to touch and breathe and hold onto

sexiness in an instant

but thats just a part of what i do

i’m so much more than just plain old sexy

if youre intrigued check out my site

theres something there for everyone really

enough bib to go around…ladies stop fighting please

im bib pectin

i know what you need…..


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