posted on August 19, 2015 at 1:40 am
somewhere near you soon

somewhere near you soon

lets see last time i wrote anything but damn I’ve lost track

we played in philly we played in a huge round tent at cape cod

george who is a local fire lieutenant and his friend chris

pick up me and haugie and take us to the cape cod beach

wow water a lovely temperature

and i just love the east coast beaches in summer

and i love how forlorn they are in winter too

but this beach was hot and sunny

george and chris had cold waters and towels and deckchairs and everything

these guys might have been big and talked like tony soprano(to my uneducated ears)

but they were fucking lovely geezers and george even shouted us breakfast

even though he had none himself

it was so cool to hang with those guys

later on chris got excited at the show and was standing up yelling out stuff

but it was fucking hilarious banter and i was smiling my head off

the show at the cape cod gig was ultra short but the crowd went bananas

they go a bit more bananas for the furs but thats ok because the furs are pretty good

richard butler has one of the most instantly recognisable voices in rocknroll

i have always admired and rated him since the first record

he is a cool guy and he and the rest of the furs and crew are gentlemen

except their front of house person and their keyboard player who are real ladies

its a great treat for people to see two vintage bands who still are rocking

music for discerning adults maybe

I’ve run out of definitions

sitting in back of bus now riding into nyc

irving plaza tonight

important gig i guess

the church will rock

you can be sure of it

over n out

its almost 100 frickin’ degrees outside

I’m five foot and 11 inches if you wondering

and i weigh about 12 stone

and i got a ton of things on my tiny mind

aloha you cool creatures

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