posted on September 18, 2008 at 8:30 pm

kilbey this
kilbey that
kilbey in the middle
kilbey with a pinch of salt
kilbey after lunch with tea
the many thoughts of chairman steven kilbey
well while my erstwhile pal mal
makes headlines in aust
look out tomorrow
one of australias leading papers
will declare MY song the winner
and yesterday i did the interview to prove it
the complete lowdown on THAT song
boy i spilt the beens on it once n fer all
that song and i
bound like a witch and her familiar
or like king and his sceptre
or like a sailor n an alby-tross
yes my little song
now 22 years old and doing allright
many of his new friends dont know or care
that i am that little songs father
and really
the little song is now all grown up
and its made its daddy so proud
by becoming a “standard”
even if every other song i wrote
is an esoteric piece of aerated tripe
then blow me down gently
cos at least i wrote one fucking classic
the people have decided
it won by twice as many as the nearest song!!!!????
why do those people love it so?
or are my rabid australian fans just votin’ n votin’
n votin’ n votin’ n votin’
either way i am surprised
just when i’m declaring my love for space rock n whale bleeps
out comes this olde chestnut
to remind me of my mousy roots
now look keep this all under yer hat till tomorrow, ok?
i promised i would but ive kinda leaked it
but isnt it nice to know
that that scruffy olde geezer ranting on the sidelines (moi)
keeps getting tiny extensions on his famous fifteen minutes
and the bloodshot eye of general popularity
sometimes blinks in my vague direction
after my interview
which was quite pleasant enough
i was left to a camera person
who got to boss me around for about 20 minutes
stand like this
stand like that
take yer sunglasses off
look up
look down
look fascinating
all around on bondi beach
the tourists are craning their necks
it must be a bricklayer who rescued a kitten….
the locals are saying
“ha ha someone taking ole kilbeys picture on the beach..”
gee whizz
how do i feel……
being popular is as bad as being ignored
its just got its own set of conundrums
someone was complimenting me in the sauna again
the other day effusively
in front of some other people
just trying to relax
this person gush gush gush
finally i lost my fuckin’ temper
WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP i say surprising myself
but but but…
i just finished reading titus alone by mervyn peake
strange book
peake spends 2 books creating a gothic masterpiece
perhaps 2 of the most incredible works of fantasy bar none
better even than narnia and tolkien
more detailed
and then
titus alone
when i first read the gormenghast trilogy i was about 12
the first 2 books i adored but the third one i hated
what happened to the castle and all the characters?
now our hero is lost in some sick 1940s pseudo-england
where some people ride llamas and small flying cylinders watch you
and we sometimes see such beautifully clear visions
scenes that take your breath away
peake was being ravaged by parkinsons disease as he wrote this book
it is extra-ordinary
i humbly kneel at the feet of a real master and genius
meanwhile the martin kennedy gigs are approaching
one at the excelsior in surry hills
the other at the tap gallery
where a buncha musicians are exhibiting their art
including me and mk
we will be doing half a dozen songs for you all
i have also been vaguely inveigled in a movie being made
here in lovely bondi beach nsw
playing the part of a zen surfer and doing the music
i was surprised to see all the auditioning going on
all the over the place yessaday at the pavillion
gee maybe it will be a blockbuster….
saddened yessaday to see
all the bickering claptrap starting up on ze comments
i been guilty of this in the past
but now im tired of it
its the same old pests as usual
ah who cares
its a singers blog fer christ sakes
its some wag in a comments section on the fuckin’ internet
amazed someone didnt rope in meat as well
ooh it must be funny getting a rise out of em
tsk tsk tsk
shame on you
and say what you like about yonder micki raymi
but hes playing in nyc right now
playing the electric guitar
and sitting up late discussing reverberation
with some english rockstar
whos cooler than fuck
and what are we doing….yes…you and i?
well i’m waiting patiently till the 23rd dec in melbourne
when we will unleash painkiller again
and you
youre sitting at your computer thinking
i bet this blog is about to end
sil voo play

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