posted on March 25, 2007 at 8:29 pm

so much to say
but so lazy to type it all out
hey rusty
can we do a talking blogg or not?
rusty’ll know
trust rusty!
rusty never sleeps
god all the stuff you probably wanna hear
fills me with inertia
like the new church double album of singles
i got one in the post
i tried to listen but i conked out after tear it all away
i did the single version of she never said
(only because its got a few little things the album doesnt)
i couldnt bear to hear unguarded whatsy
i listened to too fast for you…nice drumming ploogy!
then tear it all away….yeah that shoulda been a hit
its a million times better than unguarded thingy
then when fucking its no reason came on
i hit the ole eject button….fast!
i dont wanna hear all these songs in a row
come to think of it
i find it hard to listen to any of this stuff anymore
i wonder who in hell will buy it?
havent there already been a cuppla singles collexions?
did ya need another?
dont look at me
its nothing to do with me
im a forward looking guy
i dont revere this olde rubbish
i’d rather hear block once…or telepath
than all this olde singly malarkey
(blocks on the collection too, actually!)
and i tell ya one thing
the sk from 1981 woulda liked block better too
thats what i was trying to write
unguarded ding dong was just a accidental by product
in my searches to write a good song
and true to form
the public lapped up
that most melodramatic silly song cos it was “catchy”
everyone loved it from the word go
but i never did
i like how we do it now
relaxed n easy
but that olde version makes me cringe
especially when we keep getting offers
can you come on and do unguarded doo dah the olde way?
no sir, we can fucking not
but why why why
cos we dont wanna!
then you cant come on the blah blah show….
philistines everywhere
i wish theyd get their country back n piss off (a joke)
philistines trying to get ya to do something cheesy
hey check this:
im an artist
i dont fucking like speeches n awards
thats the stuff “straights” organise
when they wanna fit into our world
and thats what the idiots came up with
awards nights
so they can tame rocknroll by giving out their phoney useless awards
i won a few…i never picked em up
but i gottem
and then i sold the lot when i was on le gear
they were 1st thing to go
i dont need a”straight” awarding me a little statue
(unimaginative cheap plastic bullshit things..
youd feel stupid putting it up in yer house)
the same olde boozy pricks handing out their condescending nothing
the best album…how would they fucking know?
theres no best album…its all in individuals minds
theres a best selling album….(to the “straights” that IS the best)
the “straights” oh man i gotta laugh
you could put all the big wigs in the music biz
in a room
they couldnt come up with a simple tune between em
they cant play and they cant sing
and most of em are bloated grey haired wrecks
with all that red wine and meat showing on their red cheeks n jowls
all those boozy lunches they have
patting emselves on their pudgy backs
getting fat off musicians money
can you imagine that the top guys in medicine couldnt operate?
or the top guy in the airforce couldnt fly a plane?
or the head of the bakers guild couldnt put cream in a tart?
but these guys
they are useless
opportunistic is the kindest thing you could say
im talking about all of em
i met em
how embarrassing
meeting some tosser from blah blah blah records in new york
some hugely important exec
who has all the charm n eloquence of a pig farmer
bullying loudmouth idiot
or having dinner with rudy
the head of xyz records in germany
some olde fogey with a beautiful girlfriend about 50 years younger
gee i was really impressed..
what did she do, rudy…tuck you in at night?
im glad the record companies are going under
by the time they go under
therell probably all have merged into one
and the heaviness of that conglomerate of turkeys
will take em down down down
goodbye emi
goodbye cbs
goodbye carrere who never fucking paid us
goodbye stun records in new zealand who never fucking paid us
goodbye a-wrister…maybe olde whatsername’ll can save yer ass
goodbye warners n mercury n capitol n all the rest
gee we’re all broken up out here
as yer profits plunge
we’re crying our eyes out
the more d.i.y. the church can become
the better i like it
i dont have to be embarrassed meeting em ever
nothing worse than youve finished a gig
and you gotta come off and meet some awful oaf from arista
hey steve this is lenny kaputnickstein from radio marketing..
hey steve this laura binglebanks from a and r in l.a.
hey steve this bobby krupptink the ceo of the canteen
on starfish tour
i had to meet em n meet em n meet em
o i was an obnoxious sod
playing on all their insecurities
making em feel i was in on some enormous joke that was on them
i was a total ratbag
and i despise myself for all the games i was playing back then
i mean humiliating some dope from a record company
aint gonna getcha into any heavens anywhere
they were the enemy to me
they were trying so hard to swallow me up
and contain my creativity and redirect it
where they thought fit
i had to fight em tooth n claw
well actually i fought em with
in -jokes
not showing up
spreading rancour
talking about things they couldnt understand
(like history or poetry or religion)
can you really imagine the characters
who peopled the u.s. music biz back then…?
thank god i dont have to see anybody anymore
whoever the mediocre lot who put out our latest records out were
they didnt bother ever bothering us backstage
and thats just fine by me…
its funny
now im as olde as i am
occaisionally i do meet some of these rascals
and they assume ive mellowed with age
but i aint
im still looking at em with disdain
yeah yeah yeah
you really made it
yer the vice president of phucknuckle productions
and you pull down 500 k a year (you bastard!)
but you still cant play an instrument
your wifes only with you for the money
and your friends are all pricks like you
so i know you feel sorry for me
playing this half empty little theatre
but i feel sorry for you too
so its same as it ever was
i guess
i just get so angry that these guys are doing so well
parasites on musicians
swelling up with their ill gotten gains
it’ll be a relief to see the end of em
real soon!

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