posted on June 24, 2008 at 9:12 pm

i was born a snake hipped love god on the 44th of june
i had 2 mothers
one was the glorious universe
the other was gina medici a cockney courtesan
my first act was to liberate the slaves and make things right
my second act was to pick up a fender stratocaster
and plug it into a 13 thousand watt marshall stack
where i blasted out a riff that was a cross between rebel rebel
and layla and jumpin jack honky tonk daytripper alright now
eschewing breastmilk
i drank asses milk
it was hard to find in well -in garden city, my man
i jumped in a fucking ford transit van n i hit wembley hard
an overnightmare sensation
i was lean i was cool i was slim baby
slim slim slim!
yeah girls…tell someone who cares
some cats were smoking ice… i put it in my drink
i hit the stage like a falling piano….BANG
david duchow had rorschached my whole life
and it was modulating on a thousand screens
i interwove with venus fly traps in filmtime
all my hardnesses on a floppy disk
dont sass me son im the bona fide son of jesus jehovahsson
i got moontalk and the doublesnake skulls
the devil is my uncle he taught me how to flame
he lived in berne
he loved and he learned baby
this here is my true fuckin’ story
and so say all of us
if any man can deny it
you’ll find me outside your undertakers with a colt 45
you’ll find me inside the overtakers with a beatles 45
you’ll see me like white lightning as i steal your thunder, mr no wonder
lets face it yer wives dig me much more than you
they erected my shrine in your sheds
the ladies scream slim slim slim!
please ladies im trying to write something here
i was born on a black friday with a mellotron on my knee
i was quoting jean paul sartre and friends with law trek
i dabbled in immortality but found it lifeless
i dated lindy lou rimbaud
the topless star of disneys snow black
i smoked oofle dust with tom apollo-nair
i hung out with the bleedin’ cognoscenti
i did experiments on a studer eight track
that revolutionised the revolution
i recorded brian harrison just before he dived in the pool
i kissed sharon stones statuette in the hall of eternal tears
i was there when groucho invented the neutron shake
i invited lennon n presley n dillon to dinner
and then i found i had something better to do
i shunted a double fronted gibson terroriser
plugged into a triple fourway backwards mounted f hole
i had chrome nuts and a springcoiled whammy bar
i had a love me cushion and stack heeled monti boots
i wore fuckin’ james bond soldier holsters with velvet paisley trim
i drove a suped up hawk-eagle with talonated carbies
it could do 100 over 13 and it ran on vortex zinc boosted spirits
i drove it to rome and budapest and siberia and the east pole
i picked up sophia loren who hitched a ride to banbury cross
we crashed at ezra pounds and she got her tits out
i exploded in the charts with my number one
but robbie williams only managed a number two…..oooohhh
aqua were bubbling under but the pistols had the bullet
nick kent gave me a 5 star review in la gala phonetica
the hippest magazine in croydon
sour-creem magazine voted me uno in all categories
i received a doctorate in esoterica from yale
i was made an honourary fellow at camden town
i met the queen on kings road n smoked a prince
i went to knightsbridge, illinois and i saw the big cilantro
i did a show in mexico
the senoritas called go slim go
i did a show in a show on the ivory coast
the watusi daughters yelled
slim youre the most
some prick in washington, b.c. hired me to spy on the moon
i appeared in that tv show when they first landed on mars
i wrote some of the backing music with pablo picasso on crete
i gotta job up in new hampshire photographing the smell of pines
i earned a million a day plus overtime
i flew down to jamaica for a holiday with bowie and bianca neuman
i rented the villa du luxurie and i drank noet et brandon
i released a record in the stratosphere
in melody shmaker steve sutherland wrote:
“although i am a dwarfy little gimp with not a scrap of talents
secretly in love with the roadie from the sticky carpets
and frantically jealous of blokes like slim
i must admit reluctantly
that the first note of slim:hymn (and what a title!)
blows all other rock n stone out of the quarry
slims got it all
the canberran legacy of hypersurrealism
the ergonomic chutzpah to boogaloo the shibboleth
i say slim:hymn is the best thing ever ever ever!!!!”
that capped off an amazing month for me i must say
the pull its a prize
the noble price
the booka danno prize
q magazine and p magazine too
slim slim slim
what a life it was

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