posted on February 17, 2007 at 7:13 pm

yessaday i read my biography again
i guess i was sposed to be checking for any innaccuracies
i dont really care about innaccuracies that much
i mean what does it matter what year singsongs was recorded..?
and im sure rob lurie is reading this…
hes done quite a nice job…..
weird to suddenly see my story from his perspective…
i mean come on lurie..
you were some seriously uptight little fanboy…or what
and it was yer rite of passage to divest your psyche
of my unintentional superimposition
you see it happened to me too
with my fave popstars
but i was never lucky or unlucky enough to get to meet ’em
so i never gotta chance to do what lurie has done
and its strange to think
that i was casually writing n playing
and looking how i did…with my smirk n all
and somewhere out there
this teenage american kid in some suburban wilderness
is grokking it all
taking it all in
taking it all too seriously
just like me with marky boland n david boogie
anyway rob got a masters degree for this book
and now i envy him
i mean cant someone confer a fucking honarary ornery masters degree on me?
cmon ya know i got more poetry in my little thingo
than all them professors at fucking harvard n yale put together
cmon give me some quals!
anyway i wasnt looking forward too much to the drug part
but lurie handles it with aplomb
and his “imagined” bits arent too far off the mark..
most of em anyway
and lurie attempts to come to some kinda understanding of my paradox
that is i can be so nice
or i can be so not nice
and hardly anything in the middle
and its funny that lurie puts the boot in a bit at the end
and he reckons that the fambley manne thing is an act
and my everyman pose is faux
and really im the same old prick
and rob youve hit the nail on the head actually
and its great to see that i can still perplex you after all these years
and its great that occaisionally your sense of frustration
because you wanted to shake my unbeknownst influence ages ago
and youve taken your obsession
and robby baybee
i like your book
i enjoyed it
theres a few bits gonna get me into trouble maybe….
but in the end
he does say that my stuff stood the test of time
though sadly he only gives ultc 3 stars
but he eventually comes to a conclusion that
it was kinda worth it
your heroes are never gonna be exactly how ya hoped
lurie should thank his lucky stars
that he did meet me as the stocky thinning haired everyman
and not the glamourous little prick he worshipped
or he woulda gone home with his delusions shattered
ive tried to change since those days
and i have changed as a natural process as well
like everyone
of course that old sk is still in the sub-strata somewhere
that nasty disinterested one
and to tell ya the truth
how could you be interested in every stranger
that ya met by the bucketloads in those days
jesus i was a arrogant turkey….sometimes
im not good at meeting people
it aint one of my skills
smalltalk n schmoozing
actually i dont care…
and man between 1986-1990
i met rob luries in every city of this world
guys who loved ya so much…
they wanted some intangible fucking thing…
i didnt know what it was
they didnt know what it was
except maybe i get em a deal with arista n produce their album
or something
anyway when it became apparent
that you werent interested at all
they often become argumentative n nasty
not understanding that
youre in the middle of a long tour
and its late
n yer stoned and or drunk
n very tired
n you cant even remember the lyrics
some fresh scrubbed “college” kid in boise is querying you about
as i said before
if youd let me loose on my heroes
im sure i woulda come home with cuffed ears
but it sure was tedious meeting some of those guys
lurie…i didnt even remember meeting him
till i read a little thing hed written about meeting me in london
during my “tired n emotional” phase
and his piece was brutally honest but he could still see
something in my shambles that kept him going
i completely perplexed him with my unintentional carryon
and he wrote it well
ya see rob thinks he hasnt gotta naxe to grind
but i wonder if he can percieve that he does
and that is
when you go n worship someone that much
you sorta feel like …..
well its hard to explain…
you feel a bit annoyed or something
that youve spent so much effort on them
instead of getting yer own thing together
its great to have influences
its impossible not to
but when the time comes
ya gotta make the break
which is the difference between me n him
i made the break
and he didnt
now rob i hope ya dont mind me analyzing ya here on my blogge
i get a bit of analysis in ye olde bio n ya gotta suffer the slings n arrows
i think its a real good read and its written pretty well
a style emerges and i enjoyed it
i wont cringe at all if i see it in a bookstore
does this mean you can say authorised?
wow i read this book about david bowie some guy wrote
that was not authorised
jesus naughty david
with his thing for black womens bottoms
n the shadow that infested his swimming pool
and the cocaine
and the cocaine
and the…
did i mention cocaine?
i guess him n that biographer dont speak much these days…
ha ha
so i say
read robs book by all means
theres some hilarious stuff in there
like pryce surplus and his bitter rant
about how i lack any credibility and how i can never have it
gee pryce uh didja see the five star review last week in the age?
and simon polinski saying what a diamond geezer i am
cmon polinski, get fucking real, olde bean
im a bastard and ya know it
ha ha
rob it was interesting to revisit my self thru your eyes
i felt good when id finished reading it
and i also felt happy for ya too
cos it IS a good book
and you finally got something concrete outta all that kilbey carryon
you turned it round my son
youve done well!
ah ….
dont it bring a little tear to yer eye?

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