posted on December 16, 2005 at 11:00 pm

hi people
how are we today
not feeling too badde myself
a little blurry
a little sad its all over
a little burnt
a little fried
a little embroiled
spiegeltent was goode
the daylight put me off a little
hard to rock in daylight, didnt ya know?
hard to whip up some atmosphere
hard to make it happen
dont like nasssty daylight for rocknroll, brethren
need the night
need the dark
thats the way god made it
dont ask me why
nice warm rainy morning here
internet cafe almost empty
feel a bit lost for a while when tour ends
i guess im gonna lose a lotta customers here
now i cant give you up to the minuet details on the preceding nites fiasco
guess you gonna jump ship
take the pests with ya
ya know who i mean
those humourless ninnies
those “straights”
go on
off ya go
see ya later
dont darken mah blogstep again

whats left
one final plane trip
one final beagle avoiding dash
sad to leave ole melbourne
whatta nice plaice
whatta pretty city
what lovely human beans

now i can concentrate on xmas
get fitted for my red suit
practice my chimney crawling
brush up on my reindeeer obedience classes
get my gnomes off ice
back to bondi
back to the fambley
back to back
back to front
you can imagine i do feel a little lost today
without mah groop
without a good rockin to look forward to
but i’ll get by
live to rock another day
thats right
im saying goodbye for today
i love you all
except for (insert yer name here
if yer an unimaginative wally,
yeah you
thats right
YOU there)
but otherwise
ess kay

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