posted on March 26, 2007 at 8:48 pm

good lord
it amuses me that people read my blogge
looking for logic or reason or even-handedness
expecting me not to be bitter or repeat myself
after all im an olde drug casualty
im a flippin’ rock musician
im a bloody pop lyricist
yet you tune in to my rave
expecting something everyday
that i aint ever gonna dish up
you gotta see the jokes on you
especially if ya want kilbey not to be kilbey
dudes im a bitchy gossipy cruel stupid angry prick
did i ever tell you that?
i hereby declare myself bitter
so from hereoninits pointless to write in
and besmirch my comments with this tiresome comment
of course im bitter…about some things, arent you?
isnt everybody?
if you say no youre a liar baby
if you read this blogge
you only gonna get the most bitter slanderous libellous bile
hey have you ever read paris spleen by baudelaire?
pure vitriol, pure bile
but you see
baudelaire contained other qualities as well
which he comingled with the bile
and that made him baudelaire
my bitterness makes me kilbey
along with a whole buncha otherstuff
so my patrons dont mind a bitter bitterness
as long as they get the poetry n history n humour
and they get to share my grief my worries my hopes n fears
ya see unlike most others
im also giving ya honesty
i say whatever i like
and i dont care whos reading
not my mother
my wife
my friends
guys in band
not even you sunshine
im nearly 53
i dont care anymore
dontcha see
(and i said all this before)
the act is gone
the mask has fallen
im the time being sweetheart
i aint no saint
i aint no journalist
i aint no reliable source of anything
im an opinionated pot smoking hippy bastard
im a socialist
im a almost-vegan
im a peace-nik
im a surrealist
im a funny n cranky olde sod
im a loving father
im a happily married
im a washed up rocker who still makes good records
i try n i try n i try so hard
i dig into my brain so deep to bring you the things i do
they may not be good
but i never condescend to you
i never just dish up bland blah
i never miss a day on my blogge
cos i couldnt think of anything “p c ” to say
i let ya have what im thinking both barrels
as if you were here with me now
as if you were sitting in my kitchen
with brian eno playing on my ipodbox
and im drinkin’ soy milk n goji juice
and soon i’ll take the doodles to school
and then i’ll swim a kilometre
and then im gonna post a copy of my book
to steffy fandorin cos he knows why
and then im gonna do chi gong
pay some bills
im gonna buy my mrs a coffee on the way home
im gonna come home re read this stupid entry
see if any body has commented
im gonna do a little this n that
and if i like it a bit more
oh ive gone off at a tangent
thats something else i do
cos im you know following my train of thought
you gotta roll with the punchbowls my friends
i can just imagine that i wrote something about genghis khan
in my style, natch
along the lines of
that genghis khan is a nassty little bugger
not content with totally fucking up ye olde china
the crazy tartar bastard went fer india
(isnt tartar something yer dog has round its teeth?)
any way olde ghengy boy wassa total bloodthirsty maniacal mofo
etc etc
and then
anonymous at 515 writes
ghengis khan was a good guy
youre only jealous n bitter you didnt invade europe like he did!

anonymous at 612 writes
get over it and lighten up
im tired of you bashing historical figures!

anonymous at 7 15
ghengis khan may have killed millions
but at least he didnt smoke cannabis!

anonymous at 8 15
you might be able to write songs
but you know nothing about history
those countries asked to be invaded!

anonymous at 942
what about heyday?

anonymous at 9 43
thats it!
kilbey = hitler
im never ever reading his blog again
i promise!

anonymous at 956
genghis khan!
kilbey khan’t!

anonymous at 10 32
i didnt read todays blog
hows matt davison?

anonymous at 10 37
grow up killer
the mongolian constitution guaranteed G K
the right to bear arms
and the right to bare arms
which was quite attractive given his triceps

anonymous at 10 38
hi great blog
i was wondering
would any of you like to buy some tupperware?

i just cant let anything go by can i?
you know im not perfect
im just another ratbag rabbitting away in cyber space
nothing on here is real
theres no real truth
none of it matters to the sea or the sky
you know they say that serpents lie in the deep black waters
the domain of hideous viperfish
some fish carry tiny lights to illuminate the inkiness
down there way down there
they dont care about what i write
its justa bit of fun to start the day
like meeting a half crazy old hermit
you gotta sift the tripe with the treasure
go ahead jump ship
i hear theres a lotta other guys
just like me out there
writing blogs pretty much like this one
i mean personally
if i was a reader n not a writer
i’d be reading the smacked bottom gurls blogge
but thats just me
im not really interested in the stoned ravings
of silly olde rockers
but im sure glad that you lot are
other wise
id be raving to myself
and theyd cart me away then
for sure

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