posted on December 2, 2010 at 7:29 pm

reg kilbey unemployed actor 56

i lead my life

i lead it around like a hound

i entered my life in a contest

i let my life go into hibernation tho there was a little sleep

the nineteen nigh-nties was a marsh

i hit it like a brick will

i was that guy in that film

that film about a dome

i was the main guy yeah it was a long time ago being

i was the one who said those now famous lines

now we will all burn……

i have a black n white still that i autographed for fans that i meet

i drive an old rover with a crack gasket n oilcase crank

i smoke a pipe full of pipe dream but it goes up in smoke

oh how the time blast past

this music i had made

i had had it made to order

to order around you see

around and around

the stars go round our moon you know

and black cats moan down my stylo-phone

and i circle the block as you took off your close

and i live in a place where there is no trace

its no thrace its no your embrace

lamb you know who i am

my house on the street where the 4 winds meet

my home on the range rover over the little hills

my hills hoist still warm n moist oh rejoice lamb

my cartesian symphony nymph oh you dream

you dream of my friend rex with his black dragon tattoo

oh i know you do oh i know you do

whats on the menu?

tree flesh fillets with caramelised love truffles

light serving of gods fresh air with garnish of willing fruit

sparkling holy wine w/water consecrated by nimrods daughter

turkish taboo with french kiss and english rain

morning surprise (from the night before)

bottomless cup of adams ale (one per customer)

selection of good n evil toffee apples

i order the surprise

i order it to piss off and surprise someone else

i get cranky when i read about all the stuff in the paper

all the stuff that isnt about me i mean

i mean i love to see old me in fine print

snapped at the airport by a fan then snapped at the fan at the airport

the fan snapped and i had a lawmansuit on my hands

i jumped in a cab and the driver knows me

‘ere its reg kilbey ! he says …where we off to ,reg…?

surry street crown hills i say flipping him a sovereign to shut up

i look out the window at the slinky women who were once black cats

they float thru their day like ether like fire like an invisible veil

if only they knew that its reg kilbey in here i smirk in the cab

but the slinky women do not know and they blow away down streets

i  jump out at nondescript doors i make my way through  past

at twilight the dining room is quite a silver sight for saw eyes

tranquility music is piped from afar

some thought wave analyser machine selects my mood swinging cool

i subscribe through a scheme that comes thru in reams

i ravish attention on lashings of cream and boy do i then dream

i sit in the dark where its peaceful and calm

i am unarmed lamb i am quite unharmed

i mean i still cant do anything with my limbos

theyre all akimbo

bimbo you must think me dim

i know you think of him

i know about your lucky whim

and your old friend kim who once fucked jim

talking of  sex makes you think of my friend rex

with his muscle or two

and his black dragon tattoo

his eyes cobalt blew

his gear kangaroo

his XL peru

his ATM yew

his triple star * brew

his chosen few why thats presumably you


i wish i had

a black dragon tattoo

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