posted on June 12, 2013 at 3:16 pm
honest engine

honest engine

and maybe she will come from ethiopia

in a caravan along side some barren coast

a bridal pageant in an arbour

be sainted afternoon

in long ago from far away

unto the never ending road rendered a quiet prayer

black father who  above beyond heaven

in dark still stream i found a deepening dream

the drumming sound of thundering sun

the rain came down like diamonding drops

some time in the morning time stops

i saw an angel wrestle with a great worm

who pulled against this world like a comet would

inside a crystal ball frozen as the snow began to fall

swirling around snorting horses and the assembled hosts

and as the arrows dreamily fell all under the spell just died

i tried to find a word to shout out

i heard it inside….




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