posted on June 9, 2007 at 7:50 am

the storm continues
sydney is lashed and bashed
people go missing
me and girls poke thru wreckage on the beach
assorted bits of fishing tackle
plazzy bags
a dead octopus
dead fish
cig lighters
plazzy bottles
sea weed
string and rope
things hard to identify now
cigarette butts seemingly indestructible
jellyfish n bluebottles
the sea has hurled the sand up on the boardwalk
i have never seen that before
and it looked like it had snowed in bondi
out of the purple sky a maelstrom was unleashed
even as we stood there marvelling
sand and rain combining in the air
shot towards you by 100 mile an hour wind
like small concrete icicles ripping at yer face
the heavens open up and you got yer deluge
the sea rears up and roars
and the sky becomes blacker than black
a single star somehow shines forth
a dog is hit by a car across the road
it tries to stand but it falls down again n again
nk gasps and her eyes fill with hot tears
i pull my yellow rubber hood hard over my head
scarlets transparent rain protector keeps inflating
with each gust of wind
woooooh she keeps saying from inside there
we hurry home down the lanes and alleys
past blocks of flats and mini mansions
past the rusting hulks and the bmws
past dripping cactii and soaked armchairs left out for rubbish
lights flare red and white on the wet roads
inside its warm
i see my computer on kitchen table
i approach
and write these

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