posted on March 23, 2012 at 11:48 pm

red echelon

unapproachable maw of time

dog end tatters of an age

improbability in the unlikelihood of uncertainty

a rainy jungled mess of a day

i am a wolf in a strange citified gangling wrangled place

i am a wolf despite my pinkish mansuit

pegged out i crawl mainstreet all rushing fluff and lippy droll

my instinct synched to sunken natures unnatural tides

wind rides the trees in threes i raw on all fours

famishing snow my hotel more den of iniquitous silence

my growling belly my howling telly my bubbled grapelli

my coat full of pine needle ice white frozen dragons blood

i smoke the bones of dry dreams i snort the dust of derision

i fondle the emptiest dolling mannikins

i know a sorcerous caster a damn fine woman

i mind shifted shafting her softest softness

oh great bliss can be had in this and no other

come delve into opportunity you gawking birds

all you buffoons observe my gorgeous protocol

now i sneak down corridoring halls past mauve walls

knock knock knock at the door of a lamb

my tick tock lock against her door jamb

i produce my ID as i press her paws

i leap up with a great flourish

(i discourage imitation and cat flattery)

they may slander me but gander me now

old and grizzly i maybe still motion blur i become

i ravenous cavernous carcass i swoop on the coop

hen again and again

bite right through light and dark

lamb damn i am looking  for who dealt a good ram

nevertheless a blessing for a mess like me

a catastrophe a hungering tragedy

my name is black thirteen

and i’ll be back





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