posted on August 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm
down caste

down caste

the empty street contains no clue

there is no moon

stumbling along inside a stillness

bitterest of dream

glimmer of doubt

blueprint of loneliness

oh why oh why oh why

that certain sinking feeling where does it come from..?

the anxious counting of minutes

listlessly wasting hours

flower of abandon

how to long for that oblivion

my reverie grows dark

lost in a mist time to close in

a child passes by close in that fog

light of youth illuminating the white plains

inside still however it rains

the cars are crammed into my head

they slip through the synapses effortlessly

swerving blindingly in my mind

my services are declined i am no longer steering

nearing my abode

i let the whole damn thing implode






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