posted on July 14, 2007 at 10:35 pm

you say you love me
but you dont know me
very well
and most the stuff i say ive done….well i never did
and all that stuff i denied……
and all the stuff i took
all the money just wasted
all the time being safely reckless
in my bed asleep dreaming it all up
there were no guitars or cars or chicks or dope
there were no nights or days and roads that led on n on
there was only lies
lies that enfold and entwine
where do the lies end and where does the truth begin? you ask
ah yes the lies plural….the truth singular
so many lies but only one truth…is that the truth?
or is it just another lie
gossip gossip laugh laugh
prod prod
you really think i aint across it all and then some
horny dilemmas
sweet paradox
impossible things
thats why you read my words
you must be reading my words
giving me some sort of life
im tired of running through your mind
but watch me
i keep going
oh yes
long may i run
52 but i aint thru
nimble n naive
the knave of blogges
the stealer of time
eloquent tongue tied
elegant scruffy
elephantine tiny
you got no fix on me
but you always know where to find me
my energy crackles
my words are winged
my hand is so steady
as i complete all the details
those tiny details that make you love me
all those tiny lies
painted on the one great truth
what does this shadow here mean? you ask
what does this hole here mean?
what about this gap and this null n void?
nothing nothing nothing
you think you think
i know i know
now i been working at this for five years
five long years
almost everyday ive done something
put my mind into neutral
and ive sussed it all out
and im beginning to see the light
a very distant light to be sure
but there it is
so why why why
waste my time, being
as you can plainly see
time is not a commodity i have in surplus
im coming round the last corner
its all unknown to me from hereon
cant you see im just guessing myself?
who can or will gimme advice out there?
not the troubled brothers
not the dutiful daughters
not the freeked out fiendss
not the manly men or lovely ladies
not the bouncing babies
not the carping critics
not the dead dads
nor the mommy mums
nor the yawning abyss
what do you think i should do?
dont answer that
your evidence is inadmissable
whats in it for me?
and i used to answer myself
time is in it for you
now my gauges are saying
youre running out of time
and time to run
and you came out of time
and into time you shall return
but that time will be without me
just like you
you have your relationship with time
i have mine
i have spent my time thinking about time
is that time spent foolishly?
all thought of time is foolish
to possess time ignore time
i am the time being
hell thats just a stupid name i made up
time is oozing out
try and plug that hole
try to find the puncture
its escaping
there goes a whole 2 minutes of your time
as in
your time
the time apportioned to you
by the cosmic all
a slippery being
both of us

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