posted on April 27, 2009 at 9:09 pm

did not get tv gig
(but they really liked it……..!?)
next time….
voice in another tv show : sure….
the good reviews for u#23 continue to pour in
go read the one at blog critics
gee it seems our time has finally come
the world has moved on or back a notch
and suddenly the critics unnerstand us again
or has u#23 got some balance right….
some subtle but important balance.?…i dunno
i just persevere n see what happens
same with yoga
same with swimming
same with fatherhood
same with life
it is strange that at this late stage of the game
that we are knocking out energetic fresh strange stuff
when we should be playing some safe nostalgic rubbish
like all the other oldies
except leonard
robyn hitchcock
robert forster
i loathe U2 but at least they keep trying to be new….
i mean artists get better as they grow older
why cant musicians?
the jazz cats did, didnt they….
theoretically you got all this more experience
(i been playing the bass nearly 40 years!!)
you should have picked up some tricks by now
you should know your way around la musica
you should know your way around life
the church are starting to approach excellence in rock music
we can never actually achieve it
but we can approach it constantly
ie are there better guitarists than pk n mwp still extant?
i mean in the genre in which we perform
are there better drummers than tp?
are there bands with higher or loftier ideals?
we are simultaneously classic and innovative
we incorporate traditional rock values with idiosyncratic genius
and we embrace the ever opening future
we are not a nostalgia act
we are 4 musicians engaged in an ongoing dialogue
the whole thing is still evolving
the church have taken their time
and go back and look at all our records
even the rotten ones
and you’ll find our integrity almost always intact
we have never condescended towards our listeners
i never chuck off that second rate bullshit word jive
my lyrics are deliberately ambiguous
my lyrics contain love and spirit and
i am a man in love with language
no one can write or think like me
oh there are others out there who do a better show
there are younger n handsomer rockers
there are more intense and violent rockers
there are more popular rockers
but there aint no one like me or the church
the thinking mans band
before and after radiohead
ive made a million records n everyone of em
is dripping with innovation and multiple levels of meaning
i explore music
i explore words
i explore recording techniques
i explore collaboration
i explore all aspects of song
i expect 5 star reviews
i dont always get em but i expect em
you may or may not scoff
and some sad little idiot
the same sad little idiot
pestering me over n over on my comments
said the other day
that all my readers/listeners were poor
thats why they didnt pay me much
au contraire my fine feathered fucknuckle
many of my readers are tertiary educated
many hold “high” positions in the “straight” world
many are moguls doctors professors lawyers lecturers teachers
dentists pilots or whatever
some of them make very nice contributions on my paypal
i was once standing backstage in the u.s.
i was talking to a gynecologist an architect and a prof at local uni
i say howcome you guys listen to us
and these youngish richish educated dudes said
well who the fuck else are we gonna listen to…?
so there you go
one of the handful of thinking mans bands
i am comfortable with sweating and pounding my bass
or discussing da-da or dorian columns over a gin n tonic
i straddle all realms and by fuck i am good
and i will prevail
and you’ll see in the end
after my meandering course
i will lock on
(i am locked on)
and i will pursue art n music all the way to their n my ends
so if you wanna insult me or my readers
you better do so constructively
coz i aint printing anymore tediously obnoxious comments
they lower the whole fucking tone of my hi-class blogge
a “monetize” button has appeared on my blog dashboard
this means i hit the button n ads will appear
they will figure out what i’m writing about
n stick in appropriate ads
(the mind boggles what they would try n sell on here!)
instead of that
i am launching a may madness campaign
anyone contributing a two year subscription in may
will get to choose the topic n guidelines for one blog
ie recording such n such
touring such n such
such n such year
thoughts on such n such
memories of such n such
poem about such n such
why did you such n such
whats yer opinion of such n such etc etc etc
anyone who just made a largish contribution
and feels miffed that they have been disincluded
can feel free to join in too
when contributing
leave a message of yer proposed blog
and i’ll do my best
i am way way behind in thanking my generous subscribers
who keep the ball rolling for me
so thank you!
times are hard
i appreciate your hard earned dough
i appreciate your honesty
(hey blogs dont grow on trees you know)
and really
if you dont like what i do
then why are you even still here n reading it?
for everyone else
loadsa love
me n mwp are doing the vanguard tonite
who knows how it’ll all turn out
we’ll be winging it!
the usa tour looms ahead
mwp is off there soon to set it up
our last chance for a bit of a spar
be good!

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