posted on February 17, 2006 at 11:55 pm

goode morning you fiendss
how the @$%#@ are ya?
i was t’inking on the way here
some subjects, some topics
are so big ya cannae really discuss em
all ya will hear is the clamour
of a million people
all going crazy at the top of their lungs
or hitting the olde caps lock on the computah
y’know the ones i mean
the war
eating meat
the “gear”
the “straights”
evolution/divine design
im an icon and an iconoclast
im the devils advocate
and im a silly olde devil
im a saint
and a sinner
i played most parts they could think up
im no sage, mate
im just an olde rocker having his blog
i dont say dont eat meat cos i on my hi horse
i dont say dont eat meat just for the cows
i say it for you
if i was around in slavery times
and i say you know
this is wrong
this cruel
this is bad for them
this gonna end one day
am i a militant idiot
or the voice of reasonable humanity
i say now
i make this little predicktion for ya
for them that care to listen
and i been saying this since i was 18
one day the meat industry
will be regarded with the same abhorrence
as slavery
it already is by millions and millions
this abhorrence growing
more and more will see the light
we cannot live on this planet
and sysyematically
murder billions o dumb beasts
every day
and not pay that terrible price
get thee to an abbatoir, smart ass
yeah check out those cattle
the bloodngutsnpissnshit
you still want your steaky wakey
see those piggies
hundreds crammed together
screaming silently
as their lives grind on
from one miserable second to the next
you think you can fuckin eat that flesh?
we aint talking here some hunter in the woods
a deer comes along
its been happy free its whole life
it dont wanna get shot
but this hunter has to eat
thats one thing baby
i dont know about that
i dont live inna wood
thats never been necessary for me
i got a choice between clean vegetarian food
or some little packet
down the end of the supermarket where theres that
bad smell
(the smell of putrefaction …mmmmm)
theres little bits o chopped up corpse
from a variety of creatures
butchered up
how long ago was it murdered
how utterly atrocious was its “life”
is this what i wanna eat?
are you fucking crazy?
i not on my high horse
i just wanna share something with ya
that i grokked early on
meat is pain
if you want less pain
avoid it like the plague
it is the bird plague
another goose writes in
trying to get a rise outta yer humble hero
yeah sk
meat or HEROIN???!!
i guess il take the heroin dude…
it tastes better
and its easier to snort
its like comparing an orange to a mile
they dont intersect my olde fruit
you cannae compare em
they are both so surrounded in myth
people, drugs been around a long time
a war on drugs….
ha ha ha
yeah thats what we need
another war
i should know
i was on the “gear” a decade
a decayed
its terrible stuff my fiendss
you dont wanna mess with it
but i cant help thinking
its one of those things
that a prick like bush will scream
and while ya cheering cos some miserable junky
got busted
bush is in whereveristan bombing a fucking village
you know its true
theyre trampling all over yer rights
they got ya kneejerk reacting to the big badde words
oh protect us mr bush from heroin
and i dont care how many you gotta kill

and im so disappointed in ya fiendss
when you come on yon goode bohemian blogge
and spout your masters propaganda
so fuck that
turn the abbatoirs into kindergartens
give the third world free dope
and let the fuckin animals be
if you dont like that
i’ll be waiting to fight ya
in the middle of centennial park, tonite
and bring some fuckin power boyo
cos i float like a kilbey
and i sting like a butterfly
bring it on!!!

you chicken!


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