posted on April 23, 2013 at 8:34 pm
same old same old

same old same old

my mind had me convinced

but which mind

and which me ?

no truth or lie

only perspective

no right or wrong

only magic

i let it

it out there i let it in

i let it flow thru me

i invited it

i called it into time being

yoga and magic

the mantras the fleshes  the positions

the easiest thing which remains the hardest to do

i have blown my morning all over my empire

i have healed rifted valleys

i have finally understood emptiness

it was nothing

now i trust no nothing with any nobody

nobody you would have known unknown

like a grape would spit wine

or a mountain yield cloud

one god two god

black god blue god

anyway all i shoot is words

i blast off sonnet to go

i tremble at dawn as i come down in the rain

in that world i was locked out of

in that time which closed its mouth

in that place with no directions

in that bed without a moon

heed me or not i am as prophet as you got

we are making a big mistake its too big to make

mirror asks me who would believe me

your reflected sea glitters greyly

not a pirate in sight

neither day nor night





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