posted on September 1, 2007 at 6:24 am

to plan it
or let it all happen
to figure it out
or suss it in a flash
what would someone else have done
which one
make your move
be yourself
it suits you better
think faster
slap it on
take it away
erase it
trace it
follow it wherever it may lead
add stuff later
fix it up soon
throwaway idea
the magnum opus ,day-eye
the mastah peace
the statement of intent
knock em out, boyo
serve it up hot
make it look easy
take anything from anywhere
plunder the past
anticipate the future
open the present
say something worth saying
not too obvious
not too devious
not to even mention pretention
blog in a fog
note in a coat
cmon you take over here for me
hold this world on yer shoulders, soldier
bear the brunt, you runt
back and front
gather and hunt
a garden of verse is growing wild
metaphor flowers blooming in lake poignant drive
an overgrown temple of song
samson pushed at those columns
samson in the columns looking for a profit
samson …says delilah
why dontcha let me cut yer hair, you big strong man?
and samsons locks come undone
half the man he was
his lovely black tresses on the pillow as he slept
snip snip snip my love
oh i bring you my scissors to trim and shape
now you weak brute
unmanned with a little haircut
they chain him to the columns and laugh
and delilah what did you get from your betrayal?
oh its too late
its too late
your ex is bringing down the house
oh whatta surprise
down on him self
the whole biblical night comes down
on him n her
and all the other cats
who happened to be there
its saturday arvo
glenny will cut my hair
i am already weak
so no fear there
i will dedicate this saturday night to all the people out there
kilbey imbibes
drops trip
lights bone
doffs garments
lights candles
lies back on bed
feeling warm sea breezes
inviting more proems
into this foggy world

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