posted on August 30, 2007 at 1:26 am

a beautiful blue
the colour of a storm cloud they say
i have but merely thought that i saw you
i have felt you somewhere inside
all along
a part and a parcel
a part apart from you
none knows why this has happened
how did i fall fall fall
am i awake or asleep
the worlds
put in motion
now like clockwork
they run on and on
they orbit fiery suns and coldstars
the seasons come and go
the nights open to reveal days
soul transmigrates from stone to wood to beast
finally human
human rock n roll over again n again
snake human
rat human
pig human
tiger human
monkey human
finally human
then after many turns
after many rock n rolls of the cosmic dice
finely attuned
you wake up one day
it is obvious
you can see the sense in it
one day
i cant make that day happen for you
although i’d like to
one day you wake up
and you cant help but noticing
the leaves
the shapes textures the fine veins of sap
the way they move around in the wind
their shadows and brighter sides fading and gleaming
moving en masse
in a carefully choreographed accidental ballet masterpiece
everyday on everytree
what to say of the flowers
i’ll say this again
each flower
drawing from the same soil
same rain
same sunlight
through invisible processes of life
colours scents shapes
vividly different
each life force brings forth her own version
there are bees who make their honey from one flower only
different bees
different flowers
different honey
the bees who are aerodynamically incapable of flight
how they hover and zoom and communicate somehow
all filled with life
but what what what is that?
what is this life?
what is this invisible silent incessant force?
what is this fragile gift?
in some cases life is indeed a sentence to hell
why why why?
why o merciful one does this have to happen?
i saw a man in a wheelchair at nielsens bay
while everyone was away swimming and playing
here he was on a hot day
parked under a tree
hes all scrunched up and squirming it looked like
no one to talk to or share his wishes and hopes
what wishes and hopes could a man like that entertain?
our simplest freedom would be his greatest luxury
i angrily turned to myself
i say
youre a fool for believing in god
what is the answer to that?
and the answer is
there are some answers i am too small to understand
there are some explanations i cannot hope to deserve
these are indeed the deep mysteries of life
another voice in my head says
that man in the wheel chair…
you have already been him
or one day you will be
there is nothing you can do about that now
maybe one day from another vantage point…..
you see i think we will play all parts
beggar and king
master and hound
husband and wife
sick and well
this knowledge should inculcate sympathy and mercy
this knowledge should bring forth humility and humanity
youre not who you think you are
youre maybe more than that
youre maybe asleep and you dont even know it
the executioner may be the victim tomorrow
the eater may be eaten
the forgiver may be the forgiven himself
love others because they may be you yourself
no one can help who they are
is that really true?
how would i know
and how would you?
whenever a man a points to the sky and says behold
the groovy fucking wondrous beauty, my baybee !
theres always some little nasty thing give you a little sting
i have found this blog to be like that
but that is this plane my friends
welcome to kaliyuga
what did you flippin’well expect
even on its maybe last legs
this is a beautiful world
every piece fitting into the puzzle so brilliantly
the more you find out
the more there is to know
each discovery points to
oh dear
each discovery is pointing us towards a metaphysical component
behind the laws and ratios and colours and mechanisms
there is an elusive hand
there is unbelievable intelligence and love
thats how i read it
but thats what i wanna read
10 000 years ago the indian sages said
all is vibration
long ago
before europe was even a rat infested medieval sewer
these cats said
if you want to dig this trip properly
there are ways of speeding up the process
ways of letting you in to the subtle place
the quiet place
where you need to turn your mind off
your quoting of facts and figures is no longer useful here
that is not what its about
the quiet place is hard to find
the empty place
and they dreamed up yoga
they intuited it
can you believe that
a way of achieving union
whatever the hell it means to you
dont tie me up in semantics
union with your beloved
what does that mean to you
think about it
before you say anything
as above so below
union return
union reunion
union reunited
union power
union knowledge
union understanding
union union
from the one comes many
back into the one they will go
union with your beloved, child
be still now
let go
let your body be heavy
and let your mind be light
you think you could speak a language without learning it 1st?
this is the greatest work
this needs time devoted
this requires your mental attendance
this requires you to sit still
concentrating on your breath
until your clamourous foolish mind shuts up
then you may begin to approach the empty place
the empty place which is full of everything you want
stop bleating
yoga demands much perseverance
when youd rather just be sitting around
and thinking up reasons why everything is ugly
in your life
then stand in the dog eagle and tree pose for a while
then the triangle
then the warrior
stand on your head and shoulders
finally the corpse
now sit cross legged
meditate on the supreme lord
who is formless indeed
however he is so kind he may come to you as
(insert favourite god here)
meditate on his power and glory and love
meditate on the nature of emptiness
meditate on nothing
meditate chanting the word om
or pronounce it aum
feel christs presence in your heart
or the peaceful extinguishment of nirvana
but do something
its so nice

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