posted on April 14, 2010 at 11:04 pm

madison wisconsin
comes into focus
the miles tick by like minutes
miles by minutes by moments by memories
inanimate objects communicate with me a la proust
tim drives down the sunshining highway
ah freedom
the journey unravels
we stop for a starbucks
we have a discussion n sure enough a woman says
you all aint from around here are ya?
nope i say
have a guess where hes from pointing at tim
my goodness i couldnt possibly guess she says
last night now officially a light year behind
the last half turned out good
the crowd n band locked in on encores

i walk around madison trying to keep fit
a real nice clean civilized place it seems
i go down to their great lake
gee it reminds me of sweden i gotta say
i could be in sweden on a summers day
lotsa scandic names too
nice little theatre too
i feel strange tho
i am not escaping the years fast enough
i need to move away faster than the age allows
sit upstairs in nice dressing room
its a lot better than portland gig backstage = closet
im pretty sleepy
wondering why not enjoying myself more
put much into these performances
i try to do my best
it takes concentration
then afterwards i wake up early
we do soundcheck
cop a nice dose of feedback
same old but different
ok thats enough
isnt it

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