posted on October 19, 2008 at 3:19 am

1st things first
manly is a beach across the harbour from bondi
on the other side of the heads
it was called manly cos some british imbecile
thought the natives there were more “manly” than some others
is that a bullshit name or what?
natalie is attacked by cockroaches in the car on way to gig
(cockies in my computer,cockies in my car)
we have to stop to nail em
and chuck em out
we get to manly gig
its ok
about 120 people
not too shabby
it was 15 bucks to get in
i had agreed to take 6 bucks per person
the gig was good
mission was there
di n therese
i played pretty good
it was fun
i enjoyed myself
sold a little merch
but afterwards
when i go to get paid
the lovely lady from the boatshed
says the “promoter” says he’ll pay me next week
do you wanna call him in the office ?she says
we go into the office
the promoter is a freelance guy
who just happened to email me
(the boatshed n their people were not involved)
the boatshed girl wanted to pay me…
i rang the promoter on his mobile
i was also realising out of 1500 bucks
i was only scheduled to get 600
which seemed a little off kilter
seeing how i pulled the people
but ok
i had agreed to it
i ‘m stoopid like that
but now mr promoter doesnt want to pay me
he says he cant pay me without an invoice
is that true i ask the girl
no she says
i can pay you
then he says again he’ll collect the money
and pay me next week
i say
i’ll take my bit now
you collect yours when you like
ok he says
but youre only getting 4 hundred
i start to get angry with this person now
why should i get 4 hundred
when it was 6 bucks per person i ask
he says
cos i told you 4 bucks per person
we contradict each other for a while
but when he concedes it was 6 bucks
he then says
that he lost money on the annandale on tuesday
thats too bad i say but not my problem
oh yes it is he says
they were part of a package deal
(this fellow must seriously think i came down in the last shower
i been in the bizness 30 fuckin years
ive done business with billy graham n clive davis n michael chugg
and i heard everything
but this is surely the limit)
eventually i express my disgust at this man
and my determination to get my six hungey
happy ending
the girl pays me my 600
says the manager of boatshed will be very angry with
mr promoter
and wants me to play back there soon
booked direct thru them
which means i’ll get the whole door charge (minus supports)
come home very angry with that nasty dishonest man
i know one “promoter” in sydney who owes thousands n thousands
to struggling players
he laughs about it n thinks its cute to rip you off
he owed me some dough
i rang him up n he laughed
and i threatened to come around n wring his fucking neck
he decided maybe to pay up
but i know he still owes a fortune in unpaid fees to broke players
ripping off naive musicians……what big men!
this smorning played at tamarama whamma bhamma gamma bink bank
the most glamourous n dangerous beach in sydnee baybee
same band as sat nite
part of sculpture by the sea celebration
all acoustic today
isolde was there filming it
stick it up on you tube, darlin’ if ya like
we did providence n all over now n medicine ball n randwick bells
n bedside light n secret country n me n my arrow
we were laid back n breezy as befits a gig on le beach
nasty note: there was a sausage sizzle ….oh good what a stench
gig cost me 50 bucks in taxis
too bad
it was a hoot
over n out

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