posted on December 15, 2015 at 10:57 pm
jorn dice

jeorn dice

in soothing dark rooms just up a few streets from the beach

i moved to another place with trees and sea breezes

in the sultry quietude i lay in my new bedroom with its old high ceilings

and my consciousness raced out over everywhere

and it was observant and thoughtful

yet it held no opinions or anxieties

aware of itself although not fixated

it shot outwards in time as well

the  room is cool on a hot day

you can just drift off

wind tinkling on some old set of bells someone left there once

man its relaxed and laidback

easier to apprehend god here

i think

if your god is telling you to kill anything that aint god…

other thoughts i think are inexpressible  in words

you get some insight but you cant say what exactly it is

you cant type it out neatly to show everyone how your new sainthood is approaching

in fragmented feelings a puzzle is solved somehow

thats all

i suppose

for today

sk new flat 15 dec 15



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