posted on December 21, 2005 at 12:25 am

a beautiful day here
in ye olde bondi beach
oh the soft and warm water in the sea pool
oh the light and caressing zephyrs
which did play round your humble heros face
as he was lost in a trance
sucking up the chi
taking a million giga bytes of prana on board
with every breath i took
with every move i made
oh the surfers weaving dissolving patterns in the waves, baybee
pretty gurls and their dads
everything summer
the last day o school
evie and aurora got six weeks off
time to chill down by the sea
(cmon sk, we know youre just setting us up with all this pretty talk,
just to say sumpthin’ snide and cynical, you know,
the way ya juxtapose those 2 opposites,
its yer freakin trademark)
no fiendss
no nasstyness today
well maybe a little
just a little gentle nasssstyness….
i see in my comments section
a very considerate note from
saying dear steve you know i love you
(well really, i mean, like, who doesnt?)
but please drop the “sk” thang
but wait a while to do it or i’ll feeel self conscious…

thanks for yer concern
thanks for yer sweet love
thanks for tryin to put me straight
but sk is my registered copyrighted altar ego
hes me as manifested on yer screen, me little darlin’
itd be like asking micky jagger to lose the lips logo
itd be like asking texas to lose its lone star
itd be like asking (insert yer own example here)
so sorry
but that will knot become part of this bloggys forthcoming

well sk
you handled that quite diplomatically, i thought
(but then, i would, wouldnt i?)
others say oh sk
doo thisss
do thatttt
beee like thissss for mee…..
careful what ya wish for,small ones
cos imagine if ole sks blogg looked like this.

Good morning, my readers
another spiffing day in bondi, and as its nearing
that time of the year, let me take this opportunity
to wish all my friends, all over the world
a lovely christmas
and a very happy new year
full of good things
for you and for yours
from my desk
your friend

no hobbits
you cant change sk
im too olde and ugly to change my ways
im gonna keep on the way i am
im gonna go on being a fuckin genius
im gonna go on
with mah little jokes
with mah little literay devices
with mah little groop
and im gonna be on the side of
greek mythology
hindu gods of love
mariju etc wahna
meddi tashun
swimmy swimmy in the olde ocean
bringin’ uppe mah kidss to bee goode bohemian gurls
speakin’ sk speak
revilin’ the weak the lame and the grotesque
imbeciles that showbiz thrusts down yer throatie
i defend the right of all men and wimmen
to smoke ganja, listen to space rock
and commune with mother nature
to buy products from high times magazines
(speshally the electronic kaleidoscope goggle things)
to wear paisley shirts
to show yer solidarity wiv the sixties
and the hippies
to not read the fuckin’ gossip rags
people, theyre fuckin killing ya!

any how
thatss mee
don try an change me, sister
don try an make mee like you , brother
for i am sk
and no other
thatss why you love me
isnt it

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